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Targeting a Mobile Audience: Tips on Creating a Website That Works

If you’re sitting on a park bench, sipping coffee at a café, or riding a bus, take some time to look at the people around you. There’s a huge chance that one or two of them has their eyes glued on a hand-held device. The number of people using mobile devices has increased dramatically over the years. Data from a 2012 survey showed that users spent 63% of their time browsing mobile websites and apps. Given that fact, it’s important for your business to provide a pleasant experience for your mobile audience. So, what exactly are the steps to...

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The Future of Responsive Design

In a world where everyone is constantly on the Internet, responsive design is a huge component of society. Web designers and businesses are both looking to make their websites as easy to navigate as possible. so what does the future hold for the field, as far as designers are concerned? Read on to find out. Smaller Websites: As you can probably tell just from familiarizing yourself with technology, gadgets and devices are getting smaller and smaller. People want to have easy access to the information that they need. As a result, designers need to make websites that speak to...

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25 Beautiful Responsive WordPress Themes

Now a days Responsive Webdesign and Responsive WordPress themes are getting popularity, just because of different media to watch our Website/Blog. Many Search Engines are also giving priority to those blogs or websites which automatically fits according to browser or screen resolution. You may also be planning to start a new blog and searching for Free Responsive WordPress Themes, here we have collected 25 Nice Free WordPress Themes, these are not only having attractive outlook but also having built-in SEO. So enjoy visiting and downloading these. Free tumblr themes Responsive WordPress Themes: Ari WordPress Theme: Ari is a minimalistic,...

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