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5 Simple Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Blog Readers

As a blogger, your major and valued asset is your reader. It is for this reason that blogs are created with readers in mind. Identifying your reader’s needs is the key to increasing targeted traffic to your blog. Moreover, you cannot have returning traffic if you do not know what ticks your bloggers. Visitors to your blog are the ones who will subscribe to your regular RSS feeds or subscribe for email newsletters. In addition, you’ll need them to leave comments on some of the articles published on your blog. However, achieving this feat will not be easy of you do not give your readers a reason to visit your blog and keep coming back. Discussed herein, are 5 tips on how to keep in touch with your blog readers. 1: Update Your Blog on a Regular Basis: Keeping your blog updated not only guarantees repeat readers, but increases your ranking in market leading search engines such as Google. Google loves fresh blogs. Therefore, the more you keep your blog updated the more your blog is preferred by search engines. Whereas updating your blog on a daily basis may be challenging, especially if you have other matters to attend to, you can dedicate at least 2 to 3 days on a weekly basis to update your blog. The fastest and simplest way to discourage visitors to your bog is...

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The 6 Ugly Truths About Blogging

People simply do not want to hear the hard facts about blogging. People often talk about the positive aspects of blogging. You can find a number of benefits of having a blog for your commercial or non commercial purposes. However, unlike the many brighter sides of blogging, you have a couple of ugly truths about blogging which any blogger should know. But that doesn’t mean that you give up blogging after knowing these facts. On the contrary, you can think of mastering a couple of effective ways of blogging. By no means, these below mentioned six ugly truths about blogging shouldn’t deter you from blogging. 1). Blogging is certainly not an easy thing: If you blog consistently for a couple of months and years, you would certainly agree to this fact that it is a difficult task. You take lots of time to establish your blog. Every aspect of blog including idea, design, hosting, research schedule and content requires lots of hard work and pain to see the ball rolling. You are supposed to do whole lot of things like producing high quality content, reading out comments on your and other blogs, try a couple of effective SEO strategies, network with other bloggers and write regular guest posts. When you start blogging, you feel motivated and energetic. You see high level of expectations before you; a new thrill is...

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Write Quality Content for the Web – 10 Useful Tips

If you are a writer, you must be able to differentiate between writing for a web and writing for print media. In most cases online audience won’t be reading the complete article unless your article is capable of grabbing their attention. When it comes to print media, one has to read every word in order to understand the article. This is not the case with online articles as a reader will only scroll down till the end, scan the article and see if he is interested in reading it. So, you need to change your writing style if you are writing for websites. Your writing should have a positive impact on the reader so that an interest can be developed in his mind to read your entire article and benefit from it. Following are a few tips which can help you in writing for web effectively: 1. Segment Your Article : Honestly, I would never read an article which is full of paragraphs and no breaks. When I say breaks, it means that an article should have headings and sub headings in order to make the reading convenient for the reader. An article with no breaks can appear to be a very boring article regardless of the fact how interesting it is. Also, you are writing for the visitor and not for yourself. A reader might not have enough...

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