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Social Marketing – Facebook vs. Twitter

In days gone by, the most desirable platforms for advertisement were Radio, TV and Print.  Nowadays, if you do not have an e-commerce or product promotion website, you might as well be winking to a lady in the dark. Social Marketing enjoys a position at the epicentre of all these advertising campaigns with Facebook and Twitter being the major forces to be reckoned with. Social Marketing: The decision on whether to focus on Facebook or Twitter for your advertising campaign can be tough. However, there are several features that can help you decide on the best option to go...

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Social Media Marketing and its rising necessity

Millions of people across globe are connected via social networks while thousands more signing up everyday to become part of social media, rapidly changing the ways of communications. Social networks and blogs continue to dominate business. Social networking apps are the third, most-used option. People now spend reasonable time interacting with social media, such as Face book, Tweeter etc, which shows a great interest of people in social media as searching for, consume information. Social Media Marketers: Social media marketers are well aware of this fact. Active social media users are , very active on-line shoppers. Social media marketing, as a communications channel, achieve truly massive reach into the global community of Internet users. Social media marketing is the future, and it’s here right now.  Social media marketing will not be going away any time soon as it allows businesses and websites to gain popularity over the Internet by using the different types of available social media, such as blogs, video and photo sharing sites, social networking sites and social book marking websites. Suppose, if a company fails to communicate internally, how it will be able to communicate its products / brands effectively to the public? Social business deepens internal and external business relationships, which builds brand awareness and win trust of customers, which shall prove a profitable exercise for company. The Concerns that embrace social media marketing will...

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Twitter as a Social Marketing tool: Friend or foe?

Twitter is fast emerging as a major social networking tool adding millions of users worldwide each passing year. As social media has become central to over the web marketing initiatives of organizations, people are weighing in the factors in favor of and the ones that work against the use of twitter as a social marketing tool. Twitter as a marketing friend: 1. Helps in quick promotion through favorable feedback from users: Favorable feedback from one user has a cascading effect as users share it with their followers and then others share it with their followers if they approve of the same. It is often observed that the followers of one person happen to fall in the same marketing segment for an organization. This amounts to a targeted marketing campaign in the niche market segment. The product reaches the right audience. This is exactly what marketing campaigns are meant to do. 2. Allows for real time issue rectification: People facing problems with products can immediately report the matter to the customer service platform made available by the organization over twitter. This decreases the time spent on rectification of an issue, thereby sparing the customer the hassle of having to wait for long and also giving the assurance to the customer and potential buyers that the organization values it customers. 3. Makes quick dissemination of information possible: Information on products and...

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