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Software Escrow: Best Practice for Small Businesses

One of the key parts of running any small business is trying to obtain a license to sell, or even better, an exclusivity agreement, for certain products. If you were the only retailer or supplier on the high street with an agreement to sell a popular product, it would be key to your business success. Taking This Idea Online: These days, the nature of business is changing. The physical high street presence is becoming less important for all but a handful of specialist retailers. More and more transactions now take place online, which means that you’ll almost certainly be...

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Digital Escrow: Protection for Small Businesses – [Review]

Most small businesses these days have an arguably strong reliance on computers. Whether this is using certain software or protecting your online domain, there are always certain risks to look out for. This isn’t something limited to small businesses but, without the larger support and resources of larger companies, it is something that needs a closer inspection. Software Escrow, as well as data escrow, can both help protect you against certain risks. This protects businesses that are relying on support or products from another party. In this case, a small business should look to protect itself against software and...

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