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Iron Man Text Effect in Photoshop

This Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials will teach you how to give Iron Man text effect in Photoshop. We will be using different Photoshop Tools, like Horizontal Type Tool, Ellipse Tool, Line Tool, Rectangular Marquee Selection Tool, Eraser Tool etc. We will also be using different Photoshop Commands like Layer Styles which will be having Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Gradient Overlay, Color Overlay, Pattern Overlay etc. So a lot of things to learn from this tutorial so must try and send us your work after making by yourself. Here is what we are going to make in this Photoshop...

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Metal Structure Text Effect in Photoshop

Another Photoshop Tutorial for you, this time we have prepared Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial, today we are going to make a Text in Photoshop which shows like Metal Structure Text Effect in Photoshop. Very short and easy tutorial, as usual some Tools and Commands to use in this Photoshop Tutorial. Enjoy working on this tutorial so you will learn some basic Technique in Photoshop. Here is what we are going to give the Effect: Step 1: Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 1400×800 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with...

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