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Basic Photoshop tools to design Wedding Card

Today we are going to make a Wish Card in Photoshop. This may be for any occasion like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine Day, Any Special Day. So I’m going to tell you techniques and tools so you can make any card of your own desire. Lets start. 1. Start with a new file of size 560 x 800 px, having RGB color mode and 72 DPI. We are going to make Vertical Card. (Remember it will be for sending through email, not for Printing) 2. Now pick Gradient Tool and draw a gradient having #000000 (Black) to #ff8a00 (Orange) color from bottom to top as: 3. Now pick Rounded Rectangle tool and change the radius to 50 px by using Top Property Panel and draw a large Rectangle showing only left and bottom part, all other part above and right (outside) of the document, fill it with #8b0304 color as: 4. Now here we are making a bit complicated part. I’m going to copy this shape 8 times but deleting the previous rectangle from newly created rectangles, so only having the short area towards left and bottom. Let me explaing how, simply press Ctrl+J to duplicate this rounded rectangle and hold Shift key and press Left Arrow once and Down Arrow once. (So newly created Rectangle will move 10px towards left and 10 px towards bottom. Again press Ctrl+J...

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Lets design Basic Alien in Photoshop

This looks to be a Basic Tutorial in Photoshop, in this tutorial we are going to make Alien. A lot of tools involved in making this tutorial, some Filters, Layer Styles, Blending Options to use in making this tutorial. Hopefully it will give you a lot of knowledge about Photoshop. 1. In Photoshop, create a new document of the following size: 2. Fill the layer with Gradient Tool by using #9f355a and #efdee4 color from left to right as (as it will be a cartoon character, so we will be using Funky colors): 3. Create a new layer form layer panel and make the following selection by using Pen tool . Before selecting, be sure to select Path Mode from the top property panel. After making the selection, right click over it and select Make Selection, then fill it with White color, keep selecting the layer, change the Opacity to 30% from Layer Panel: So you should have something like this: 4. Do not remove the selection, simply create new layer, pick Brush tool  and use #7a7a7a color, paint the following areas with small brush: 5. Now create a new layer. Make the following selection by using Pen Tool and fill with #64ec5f color as: 6. Keep the selection on and take new layer,  use Brush tool to paint the following areas by using #3a8d3d color: 7. Now use...

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A Freelancer’s Guide to Career Uplift

Freelancers are considered to be lucky by those who have to work 9-5. The reason is that freelancers are their own boss and they have the authority to work on the time which is convenient for them. Since freelancing has become a popular thing, there is going to be a huge competition in the market if you are planning to step into the field of freelancing. As a freelancer, you need to be a successful one and not just a freelancer. You need to polish your skills on constant basis in order to be able to meet the requirements of new clients and new changes. As a freelancer, you are not a part of rat race and you need to go ahead in the market and prove yourself as a reliable freelancer. Freelancing is a vast field and if you are a writer, designer, editor, computer programmer you can easily become a freelancer. However, the hard part is becoming a successful one. Following are a few principles which can be followed by freelancers in order to be a successful one: Client’s Satisfaction Should Be Your Priority : The only people who can make you a successful freelancer are your clients so their satisfaction should be your priority. The best thing about having a satisfied client is that they will talk about your good services with other people hence giving...

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