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Top Free Blogging Websites

If you are someone who is thinking about entering the blogosphere with one or more of your personal blogs yet don’t have an idea of how you can easily and freely accomplish that, then you have certainly come to the right place. Here you are going to find the list of the some of the most popular and best blogging websites. Every one of these is free yet each of these offers a different way of starting a blog. Familiarize yourself with them and see which works best for you. Download tumblr themesIn no particular order, we are going...

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Tumblr vs Twitter

Simply put, Tumblr, founded in 2007, is a platform for you to share any content from anywhere. Think of it as a blog host and so whether it is writing, music, pictures, internet content or videos, you can post all of it from all your devices, including your PC, handheld device or cell phone. You can personalize everything andshare space with talented, creative minds. Download Free Tumblr Themes Twitter: Twitter is the micro-blogging site that gives you 140 characters to express what you feel. You can update as often as you’d like and you get to connect with people you admire and like-minded individuals. When it comes to a battle between the two, both platforms have things going for them and some features that aren’t so great. Both platforms win when it comes to real time application. You can upload almost anything you want instantly which means all through the day or night you are connected to the world outside. Both work on the system of following or being followed by users and these users come from every imaginable walk of life. In fact, more Twitter users join each day because it is faster than other social media sites and that fits right in with the frenetic lives we seem to lead these days. Another win is the need to say what you need to say and find an...

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Facts – Advantages and Disadvantages of Major Blogging Platforms

Blogs are considered the oldest form of sharing thoughts in social media. The advent of social media websites as Facebook and Twitter has made little impact on blogging platforms. Blogs can be general and specific. Blogs on niche topics as technology, fashion and sports have gained increased acceptance amongst youth and help them channelize their creativity in a positive manner. Below are listed some of the common blogging platforms. Take your pick and choose the one that suits your need the best. Choosing WordPress: WordPress is one of the oldest blogging platforms. A distinct advantage of wordpress is that it is available in self-hosting mode unlike other blog platforms that are publicly hosted on the internet. Take a quick look at pros and cons of wordpress and decide for yourself, if this is what you are looking for. Advantages of WordPress: Owing to its self hosting, wordpress is easy to customize. WordPress is easy to install with a supportive community as a back end support that will go all out, helping you with blogs. WordPress also gives you the option of choosing from amongst a range of custom themes. Disadvantages of WordPress: WordPress also has some disadvantages and you may come across advertisements in case you subscribe to the free version. The self-hosted version requires specific technical inputs and you might end up having a confused look, in case...

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