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Unusual unique Bikes and Motorbikes

For Bike and Motorbike lovers, here we have collected very unique, stylish and unusual Bikes and Motorbikes. Some looks weird, also some may have designed in 3D, but these are really awesome and amazing Bikes and Motor Bikes. You will really enjoy watching these and hopefully thinking about at least one to have in your home. Share...

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Unique and Unusual Table Lamps and Patio Lights

More than 30 unique and unusual Table Lamps, Lamp Shades and Patio Lights are here. Some are Unique and some are unusual you may have seen very rarely. Great art work to show you. Artists have done a great job making these. Hope you will desire to have some in your own sitting room. These pictures include, rustic, ceramic, crystal, glass, modern, glass, unique, traditional, brass, antique, touch, cordless, tiffany, solar, wooden, contemporary, led table lamps, table shades and patio lights. Share...

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Founders of Great Websites (Pictures)

Almost every person is having atleast one account on any Social Bookmarking site, like Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Mixx, Reddit, Twitter etc. Have you thought who has created this website or do you want to see the person behind that great site? Then here I’ve collected some Pictures of Founders, Co-Founders of the sites. If on some places I’m wrong then just point it to me please with reference. Chad Hurley & Steve Chen: Youtube =========:*x*:========= Chris Slowe, Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman: Reddit =========:*x*:========= Chris McGill: Mixx =========:*x*:========= Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook =========:*x*:========= Garret Camp: Stumbluepon =========:*x*:========= Jack Dorsey: Twitter =========:*x*:========= Jeff Bezos: Amazon =========:*x*:========= Jerry Yang: Yahoo =========:*x*:========= Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia =========:*x*:========= Joshua Schachter: Delicious =========:*x*:========= Kevin Rose: Digg =========:*x*:========= Larry Page & Sergey  Brin: Google =========:*x*:========= Orkut Buyukkokten: Orkut =========:*x*:========= Paul Buchheit: FriendFeed =========:*x*:========= Pierre Omidyar: Ebay =========:*x*:========= Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn =========:*x*:========= Sabeer Bhatya: Hotmail =========:*x*:========= Stewart Butterfieldx: Flickr =========:*x*:========= Jared Friedman & Trip Alder: Scribd Share...

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