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Lets have a lot of Illustrator Inspiration

If you want to find best Illustrator work and you want to learn a lot from these, there here we have collected some tutorials for you so you can learn a lot and you must be enjoying visiting and working on these tutorials. How to Make Hitman in Adobe Illustrator : Hitman is a fictional and unreal character, super powered hitman in the DC Comics Universe. This is a most popular character of cinema screen and also has popularity in game lovers. Today we are going to make a tutorial on illustration of hitman in Adobe Illustrator. Create Complex...

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Glossy Eyes in Illustrator

Now its time to have some Vector Based Tutorials. I’ve uploaded some Vector Based tutorial in Coreldraw section, but this time I’m going to make some Tutorials in Adobe Illustrator. Hopefully you will like to learn these. In this tutorial I’m going to make Glossy Eyes, so there will be a lot of things to learn for Beginners or Experts. 1. Lets start with a new file of any size. Pick Ellipse tool  and draw a circle. Now pick Gradient Tool  and click on the circle. It will display Linear Gradient from White to black. Open Gradient Panel by pressing Ctrl+F9. Give the following settings: (dark green (#206d0f) and light green (#e0f802)) Circle will look like this: 2. Now pick Direct Selection Tool . Drag your mouse around any node, it will show Shape Handles around nodes, by using different nodes make the Circle like shown below: 3. Create another Ellipse in the middle of the previous shape and give it Solid black color: 4. Pick Pen Tool , or press P, make the shape like shown below and fill it with White color: 5. Now duplicate your last created shape (press Ctrl+C to copy then Ctrl+V to paste it). From the top Property panel, reduce the opacity to 40% and then flip this shape and reduce the size, like shown below: 6. Now create another shape like shown...

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