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The What, Why And How Of Textures In Web Design

The use of textures in web design has come a long way in only a short period. From cliché grime and garish vintage textures, today’s top websites use texture in a broad variety of ways to make a more immersive experience, define the qualities of the site and create a more advanced look and experience. Importance of Textures in Web Design: Wielding the influence of texture is a huge responsibility. It improves the efficacy of websites and is a quality tool in the collection of designers. It can direct the user’s eye and highlight the significance of key elements....

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What Responsive Web Design is all about: A Complete Guide

If you are not in a liaison with the web development sphere, there are quite a few chances that you are aware about the term Responsive Web Design. A web design is called responsive when it gets adapted to different platforms and operating systems. Whatever is the screen size; you will never find the horizontal slide bar means only one page design for every screen. These designs respond according to the environment. Single Design for All Devices: The responsive design solutions are becoming more and more popular day by day. The internet users are no longer restricted to the...

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