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Clear and Present Communications: Compelling Text for Web Sites

It only takes a quick web surfing session to see that today’s global Internet is simply inundated with text. Even though a lot of web projects have moved toward more visual models, there is still an enormous amount of textual content on the majority of sites, with more and more being added every day. Another thing that web surfers tend to notice is that quality and content of this text is radically different across various web sites and domains. “Hand Coding” Web Content: photo credit: ….Tim via photopin cc Due to the persistent failures of high-level computational linguistics, it’s not likely that computers...

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Web Design for Your iPhone

In most cases, you can find that web page is well fit in your laptop or computers. However, in usual phones, the web page design in normal size does not fit and you cannot see the whole page at once. For iPhone, viewport concept is very essential because it determines both simple and complex web application. The display resolution of iPhone is 320×480. Therefore, the image of web page should be designed in such a way that the user can view the web page without any problem, and one can get a clear idea from such a situation. Responsive web design for iPhone: Responsive web design is the best option for iPhone version. People or clients want this latest and unique design of web page so that they can reach maximum numbers of the viewers of particular websites. The demand of a mobile version of website or responsive web design is gaining lots of popularity, and that is why most potential business executives are taking this concept very seriously, without any prior issue and problem. If you want to keep pace with the suitable trend, then use of responsive web design is very effective and useful. Work of web designer in responsive design: Web designers are in tough competition to design the best web page for iPhone. With the increase in the trend of mobile device, the demand of...

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