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Combining Social Media for Blogging

If you are creating a blog that goes with your online business, then you will want to make use of a number of social media platforms to spread information about your blog. There are many platforms available, but by combining three of the most popular – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – you can really reach out to a huge number of people on a varied collection of networks. Using Facebook to Promote Your Blog: On Facebook, you will want to set up a company fan page, individual staff pages and even fan pages for all of your major products...

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Social Media, Some Facts and Figures

Social media websites are said to be the most used websites in the world. These sites are also called the most effective and easily accessible advertising media. People use face book and twitter from their Desktop computers and Phones whenever they got some time. According to a survey result usage of Face book only on mobiles have reached to 604 million monthly users. Face book is working like an addiction to its users, especially the youngsters are getting very fast effect of this social media network. There is a lot of discussion on the topic that up to what...

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