Ray of Light in Photoshop

Ray of Light in Photoshop

In some movie titles you must have seen this effect. It looks light coming from behind the Text. Here is the simple but lengthy technique, which will teach you how you can make Ray of Light in Photoshop. Very important Photoshop Tutorial.


1. Take a new file with width double than height, like Width 600px and Height 300px, with Black background.

2. Put your desire text on it with white color. Centralize this text to document, by using Move tool and then pressing Ctrl+A and then Center Horizontally and Center Vertically from the top Property Panel.

3. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate it.

4. Hide the original text.

6. Select the Copied layer and in layer panel right click on its name and select Rasterise Text/layer.


7. Now run the command Filter >> Distort >> Polar Coordinates and select Polar to Rectangular option and click Ok.


Text will become as:


8. Here Lengthy work is going to begin. Run the command Filter >> Stylize >> Wind.


9. From the Wind box, select Wind in Method section and From the Right in Direction section, then click ok. Now run this command again with same settings, you can press Ctrl+F to repeat this command. Now Run the command again but this time select Wind from Method section and From the left this time in Direction section, click ok and then press Ctrl+F to repeat this action. You will get this:


10. Now we want to give this effect from Top or Bottom, but there is no option about giving wind from top or bottom. So here we will rotate our canvas by using Image >> Image Rotation >> 90°CW command. Now again run Wind command Twice from the Left and Twice from the Right. You will get this:


11. Now to bring canvas in its normal position back, use Image >> Image Rotation >> 90°CCW command.

12. Now run the command Filter >> Distort >> Polar Coordinates, but this time by selecting Rectangular to Polar. Here it will look like:


13. Now run the command Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur command to give some Blurred effect, but don’t give more than 1.0 number.


14. Now to colorize it, run the command Image >> Adjustment >> Hue & Saturation. Check Colorize option and make your desire color, I used the following values:

Ray of Light - stunningmesh-photoshop-tut4-pic9

15. Now Unhide the Hidden text layer, by click on Eye (Indicates Layer Visibility) Icon in Layer panel stunningmesh-photoshop-tut4-pic10.  Then press Ctrl+} to bring this layer up on previous layer.

16. Put any color to text and then press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. Fill it with White color.

17. Rasterize newly copied layer and then press Ctrl+T (Transform). Hold Ctrl key and drag the center node and drop on the bottom center node.

18. Right Click on it and select Flip Vertical.

19. Again right click on it and select Perspective, now hold bottom left or right corner and move away from the document, then again right click on it and then select scale and by holding bottom center node change the size of it and then press <Enter> key.

Ray of Light - stunningmesh-photoshop-tut4-pic11

20. Now erase bottom part of this text by using Eraser tool (feathered one).

Ray of Light - stunningmesh-photoshop-tut4-pic12

21. You can then use other tools to make it a bit stylish, Final Result of Ray of Light in Photoshop:

Ray of Light - stunningmesh-photoshop-tut4-pic0

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