Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 4

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It is very important lecture, in this lecture you will learn some commands which you will be using later again and again.

PATTERN STAMP TOOL pattern-stamp-tool

(Shortcut Key S)

It is very important tool, by using this tool you can use patterns on your desire location by Brushing. Before using any pattern don’t forget to take new Layer. Because if you need to remove that pattern just delete its layer. Pick this tool and then from the top property panel you can chose Brush of your own style.


How to Add More Brushes?

If you want to add more brush styles, then click on the Brush’s Down Arrow, all brushes styles would come, in this box click on More button more-button and then select Load Brushes. Goto that place where you have stored brushes styles, (you can also download 1200 brushes from here

To change the brush size you can press ‘[‘ or ‘]’ and to change the Brush style you can press ‘.’ or ‘,’

You can also change the Mode while brushing and also the Opacity.

From Pattern Picker pattern-picker you can chose your desire pattern.

How to Add more Patterns?

If you want to add more Pattern then click on the Down Arrow of Pattern Picker and then click on more button more-button, then chose Load Patterns. Select the location where patterns are and hit open. (you can also download over 200 Patterns from here

How to use Pattern on Whole layer or Selected Areas Equally?

If you are using Pattern while using Pattern Stamp tool and during brushing you can miss some place, so instead of using Brush you can draw pattern on whole layer or selected areas, just run the command Edit >> Fill and then select Pattern from Use list and select your desire pattern, set the opacity and hit OK.

How to Make Your Own Pattern?

If you want to make your own patterns and then use it later, here is the procedure.

1. Take a new file of your desire pattern size. I’m here going to take 200px wide by 25px heigh. I’m going to write StunningMesh and using it as Watermark.

2. Write your desire text or draw your desire pattern on it.


3. Press Ctrl+A to select all.

4. Run the command Edit >> Define Pattern and write any name.


You can use this pattern on any file like:



GRADIENT TOOL gradient-tool

(Shortcut key G)

By using this tool you can draw Color layers. Before using this tool better to take a new Layer, so that it would be easy for you to delete any Gradient. When you will pick Gradient tool then property toolbar will give the following options:


By clicking on Gradient Editor you can edit any gradient or you can create any gradient of your own desire colors, while Gradient Picker will let you show existing Gradients, you can chose anyone.


When you click on the Gradient Editor, following box will display.


While using Opacity Stop you can change the opacity of every color and while using Color stop you can add colors here. If you want to add different colors just click on the empty space in between Two Color Stops and add any color like:


You can also change the opacity of any color like this:


From top property toolbar you can change the Gradients type, here is the effect when you chose type:


In the dialog box you can write any name and click on New, it will permanently save the Gradient for future.

How to Import More Gradients?

You can download millions of gradients from Internet, but remember more gradients you have it slower the speed of Photoshop. So always try to have selective gradients. After picking the Gradient tool, click on Gradient Picker and then hit on More button more-button, then select Load Gradients and goto the place where you have downloaded Gradients. Then hit open.

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