Displacement Technique in Photoshop

Displacement Technique in Photoshop

Suppose you want to put a text on picture and that text should give impression that it was present at the time when you have taken the Picture. It is very interesting technique, we call it Displacement Technique in Photoshop.


1. Take a picture on which you want to put your text.


2. Open Channel Panel. Most probably it is present along with Layer Panel, but you can open Channel Panel by running the command Window >> Channels.

3. In this panel you will see Color separation of your file, mean if you have taken RGB file then you will see Red Green and Blue channels there. Select any channel which is lighter among all other channels, here we are choosing Red.


4. Right click on the name of that panel and select Duplicate Channel. A box will appear and from this box you will have to chose NEW from the Document list box and hit OK.


5. Now save this file (by pressing Ctrl+S) and give it any name and save it as PSD format. Then close this file (by pressing Ctrl+F4 key)

6. Come back to your picture file and select RGB from Channel Panel and then come back to Layer panel.

7. Now pick Horizontal Type Tool and write any text on your desire place and then Rasterize this text by right clicking on the layer of Text and selection Rasterize Type.


8. Now run the command Filter >> Distort >> Displace and give the following values (remember it will depend upon the size and resolution of your file)


Text will become like this:


9. From Layer panel select Overlay instead of Normal and then control the opacity. Here is the final effect:


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