How to make Lead Pencil in Photoshop

How to make Lead Pencil in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to make Lead Pencil in Photoshop. After making pencil must write some comments at the bottom please. Here are the Steps:

1. Take any new file of your own desire size, I’m here taking 300px wide and 600 px height, with 72 resolution and White background.

2. Open Layer Panel by pressing F7 key and then take a new Layer by clicking on Create New Layer Icon stunningmesh-tut5-pic1 at the bottom of Layer panel.

3. Now pick Rectangular Marquee Selection Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic2 and draw a Vertical Rectangle anywhere in the file, like:

4. Now pick Gradient Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic4 and in top Property Panel click on the “Gradient Picker” part stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic5 i.e. Down Arrow, (if you click on the “Gradient Editor” i.e. left area of Down Arrow then it will edit the Gradient). After click on the Gradient Picker select Copper gradient stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic6.

5. Now hold Shift key and drag mouse from left to right. It will make the following:


6. Press Ctrl+D to unselect it and then pick Move Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic8 (or press V) and then press Ctrl+T (Transform). Now right click anywhere and select Perspective from the menu. Now hold upper left or right corner (node) and bring it on the center node then press <Enter> key.


7. Now we will make Lead part, for this we will be taking Elliptical Marquee Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut5-pic10 (inside Rectangular Marquee Tool) and selecting the Top Tip of this conical shape, like:


8. Now press D to bring Black color in the foreground Color palette.

9. To fill black color only on the Top Tip of this conical shape goto Layer Panel and click on the Lock Transparent Pixel icon stunningmesh-photoshop-tut3-pic5. Then press Alt+Backspace to fill that part. like:


10. Now we will cut the bottom part of this conical shape, take Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw an ellipse around this conical shape that some lower part would come outside of that Ellipse and then hold shift key and select the upper part of this conical shape, you will get something like this:


11. Now press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse this selection and then press Del key to delete that area.


12. Press Ctrl+D to unselect and then pick Move Tool and then Press Ctrl+T and reduce the size of Pencil’s upper part (according to your desire).

13. Now we will make the lower part of Pencil. For this purpose take a new layer below the Conical Shape we just made, to do this Hold Ctrl key and click on Create New Layer icon in the Layer panel.

14. By using Rectangular Marquee Selection tool draw a long rectangle having same width as of the upper part of pencil and pick Gradient tool and draw any gradient from left to right, like:


15. Now cut the lower part of the pencil like you have cut the upper part and by using some other tools make some work, and put some text and make the bottom part and you will get something like this, here is the Final Look of Lead Pencil in Photoshop:


HURRAY!!! You have made it, ENJOY!!!

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