In this Tutorial we are going to learn Scattering of Picture in Photoshop. By using this technique you can Pixelate your Picture in Photoshop. Not a very difficult Technique, if you are beginner in Photoshop you can also make this quiet easily. Enjoy working on this Awesome Photoshop tutorial.

1. Create a new file of any size, I’m taking 560x650px size with 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

2. Place any picture of your desire in it:

3. Select background layer and From the layer panel click on Add Layer Mask button and select Levels:

Hit Ok you will get a new layer mask like:

4. Move mouse pointer in between Picture and Mask layer and click there, it will Mask the picture into Masked layer like:

5. Select Masked layer (Levels 1) and run the command Edit >> Fill, chose Black from Use list and hit OK

Scattering of Picture

6. Pick Brush tool  and chose Square Brush from its type and Select 24 px brush Now press F5 key (or Window >> Brushes command), chose Scattering and give the following settings:

Scattering of Picture

7. Click on the bottom right part of the picture like shown below:

Scattering of Picture

8. Run the command Layer >> Layer Styles >> Drop Shadow and give the following settings:

Scattering of Picture

Here is the final result of Scattering of Picture in Adobe Photoshop. Hope you like it?

Scattering of Picture

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