Text on Colorful Background: Let Us Create Using Adobe Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to write Text on Colorful Background. You will also learn how to make Colorful Background in Photoshop. Very nice and informative tutorial, you will really love to work on.

1. Take a new file of size 560×400, with 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

2. Press D to bring black color in Foreground and White color in Background, then press X to exchange these colors.

3. By picking Horizontal type tool,  write any character of your own choice, I’m writing S from StunningMesh.

4. Create a new layer over it. Select new layer, pick Move tool and hold Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail of the previous text layer (where you have written S). It will give selection around S. Like:

5. Now hide the Text layer and goto Path panel, by clicking on the Path tab in layer panel. (If you don’t see then run the command Window >> Paths to switch it on).

6. Click on the More button and select Make Work Path option:

7. Give 1.0 in Tolerance and hit Ok.

8. Selection would be converted into Path like:

9. Go back to your Layer Panel, pick Horizontal Type Tool and move the mouse pointer near to this path, mouse pointer would change its shape,

10. Write a Long sentence on it, unless the whole path would be converted, make some fonts bold, some italics, change some sizes, like:

11. Right click anywhere and select Delete Path.

12. Put some other text on empty spaces inside S randomly.

13. By using Radial Gradient tool (from colored to transparent), draw some different colorful circles like shown below:

14. Now create a new layer over it and run the command Filter >> Render >> Fiber and give the following setting.

now change the Blending mode from Normal to Color Dodge (from layer panel).

15. Now keep selecting this layer and press Ctrl+E to merge this layer with colorful dots layer.

16. Now take a new layer behind this layer and fill it with black and then merge that layer with this colorful layer.

17. Merge all text layers in one layer and then run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay, select any gradient of your own choice and click OK:

Here is the final result of Text on Colorful Background, you will get.

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