34 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Bring Traffic to Your Website or Blog

These days blogging is becoming popular day by day. Many people or becoming bloggers, not only to earn money but also to expand their Social network. When you started your own blog or website, then you must be looking for more traffic. Obviously when you will be having Traffic to your website or blog, then it will also be beneficiary in the sense of Finance. Here are some tips or ways for you to bring traffic and get better rank.


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1. Update Content Regularly:Bring Traffic to your website or blog

Try to bring more content to your site on a daily basis. If you update your site regularly, people would come to find what data is added recently. This step would bring repeated hits.

2. Good Domain Name:

Take a good domain name for your site. Make the name catchy. If possible the name should match with the site’s content.

3. Alt Tags in Images:

Don’t forget to give ALT tags in images. It can give you good search engine ranking. Alt tags are descriptive tags which appear above images when we place mouse over them. Also give relevant file name to images.

4. Organized Keyword Research:

Do some keyword research. Keywords are the words and phrases which people type into search engine boxes for searching. If your site is based on those words you will naturally get more hits. To find out how much searches happen for a word go to http://www.google.com/trends and type in a keyword and you will get the results.

5. Suggested Sites:

To promote your website, after making any post, try to distribute your post on the following suggested sites. It will bring traffic to your site.

(Don’t forget to add me on all these sites as stunningmesh ­čÖé )

6. Well Chosen Page Titles:

Choose a meaningful title for all the pages in tour site.That will give you more preference in search engines like Google.

7. High quality Unique content:

Try to have good quality unique content. This is the main factor that would help you get more traffic. This means don’t copy other site’s content. Your content can be a picture , video or a small writing which is informative. But it should be unique.

8. Proper SEO:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means making some adjustments to get your site listed in top positions in search engines.

9. Submit to Directories:

Submit your site address to relevant directories. That can bring a good amount of traffic. Now if you ask me where to submit here is good directory : www.dmoz.org

10. Article Submission:

There are lot of websites where you can submit articles for free. These sites have lot of traffic. So there is good possibility that your article will get noticed.This is one such website : www.ezinearticles.com

11. Writing Articles in Newspapers:

Write good articles in newspapers. Your articles can reach large number of people. At the bottom of article leave a link to your website.

12. Comments in Blogs:

Remember to leave meaningful comments in blogs. Blog visitors who read the blogs can follow the link you gave.

13. Links in Online Profiles:

Add a link to your website in all your profile pages.eg : You can add link to your site in your profile page in hub pages.

14. Inviting other People to Contribute Content:

Its a good idea to invite other people to contribute content to your site.This has two benefits. You will get more content.And also these people can help you promote your site.You can ask their help in getting traffic.

15. Publish Mini Course:

You can have a mini course in your site.Split the course into many modules and send the link to these pages to people who registered for this at regular intervals. This can help you get repeated hits.

16. Participation in Forums:

Become a member in forums that is related to your site’s content.You can publish a post about your site there.

17. Signature Links in Forums:

Make sure that you add the address of your site as signature in forums you have joined.Participate lively in forums you are member of.The more you post topics the more your links appear.

18. Remove Broken Links:

Find out if there are any broken links and remove them.The presence of broken links can drive users away from your site.

19. Use Reliable Hosting:

Using a reliable hosting is very important. Your website should be up and running most of the time.It should be fast too. No one likes slow websites.

20. Using a Forum in Your Site:

Using a forum in your site can add interaction with users.It gives opportunity to user for expressing his ideas.

21. Offline Advertising:

Offline advertising such as business cards having your website address is a good way to bring hits.

22. Yahoo Answers:

Answer questions related to your site’s content and put URL of your site in the source text box. This can get you a couple of hits.

23. Refer a Friend Script:

Use refer a friend script. This help users to refer your site to his friends very easily.

24. YouTube:

You tube is a good way to advertise your site. If its used properly you can get huge hits. You can find a video on how to use YouTube to get hits at the end of this hub. Make sure that you don’t miss it.

25. Using About Us page:

This may help you a little bit, if you create an About us page and put your different blog/site list, then user may also visit your other blogs. This will increase credibility among your website audience.

26. Social Networking:

Many people have been using social networking to get traffic to their site. It may also increase the PR or Rank of your blog/site. Cheapest way of getting Traffic is to create your profiles on different Social Networking Sites and market your post there.

27. Social Bookmarking:

Now a days Social bookmarking become most popular way of getting traffic. People are making posts on their blogs and then they are sharing their posts on different Social Media sites. They are also getting a lot of Bookmarking sites where they can Bookmark their posts. They will get two types of Bookmarks (most probably) Private and Public. So Public Bookmarking may get new regular visitors.

28. Email Signature:

Email Signatures can be a good and cheap idea to get traffic. You should prepare a List of your Blog/Sites in Email Signatures, so whenever you send email to anybody, you are also inviting them to visit your blog/sites. It may also get some traffic on your blogs. You should also add your Email ID in it.

29. Free eBooks:

Create a free eBook on some topics related to your site.Place links to your site in the eBook. Distribute the eBook for free. If your eBook is too informative the readers will visit your site following the links in your eBook.

30. Holding Contests:

You should add some attraction to your blog/site, you may hold some contests on your blog/site, for attractions give some rewards to participants, so this may attract some new visitors and they may also invite their friends/colleagues to participate. So valuable and attractive gifts should be offered.

31. Submitting to Search Engines:

Most bloggers prefer the traffic through Search Engines. You should submit your Blog/Website URL to different search engines to get Traffic. Be careful also while submitting the URL, sometime you misspell and it lost your lot of time.

32. Creating Free Software:

That may also be a nice idea to get traffic, if you are a Developer creating Software, so you should create and distribute it free. So you should also place your Blog’s URL in it at appropriate location, so user may visit your site or blog for upcoming Software.

33. Exchanging Links:

Link Exchange is also very nice idea to get traffic, but before exchanging links with any other blog, you should confirm that is it related to your blog’s Niche? Otherwise instead of getting traffic you may lose the popularity.

34. Profile in Amazon:

Creating Profile in Amazon may also get Traffic. After creating Profile you should add your Blog Address in it, so it will also attract readers.

Some parts of this Article Chosen from the Article published on http://hubpages.com/hub/Fifty-ways-to-bring-traffic-to-your-website-and-blog.


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You should also read the Update of this post on our blog at, “Tips and Tricks to get more traffic alongwith Like and Followers“.

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    As a starting blogger, I find commenting on other blogs a fast and fun way to attract some attention to my own blog. It’s actually starting to become addictive. Article marketing is also something else that I do and that’s at hand.

    Social marketing is yet another way that I’ve started approaching, and I find it fun to give some real value to my tweets. Once every 10 tweets or so I put a link to the new posts on my blog, so people don’t think the only purpose of my tweets is to advertise my blog. And rightly so.

    Holding contests is something I’ve seen mentioned in several places, but that’s definitely for the more established blogs, with a good amount of subscribers. Can’t hold much of a contest with 10 subscribers, can I? ­čÖé

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