Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 6

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Hope you are doing practice regularly, so here is the lecture # 6.

PEN TOOL pen-tool

(Shortcut Key P)

This is the most important tool in Photoshop, by using this tool you can make any kind of selection. There are many ways to use this tool, so I’ll be trying my level best to provide you most popular and simple ways.

In this toll you will find, Pen Tool pen-tool, Freeform Pen Tool freeform-pen-tool, Add Anchor Point Tool add-inchor-point-tool, Delete Anchor Point tool delete-inchor-point-tool, Convert Point tool convert-point-tool.

So lets start with new file, put any picture in it so it will be easy for you to make selection. I’m using StunningMesh Logo in a new file and then selecting it by using Pen Tool pen-tool.


Suppose we want to select only S from Stunningmesh. Pick Pen Tool pen-tool and zoom only S part by using Zoom tool zoom-tool.

Method # 1:

1. Now while selecting Pen tool click on any starting point, then click on the other point where you think Curve is going to end. Likewise click on the different points to make rough selection like shown below:


2. Now pick Add Anchor Point add-inchor-point-tool tool and click on any line which you want to convert into Curve. Just single click there to make node, then hold this node and move it on your desire location. If you think that curve is not becoming your desire one, here you can use Shape Handles, like shown below:


If you hold any shape handle then you can move it to change the curve, if you move one shape handle, the other will move alongwith it, but if you think that it should not move alongwith other Shape Handle, just hold Alt key and move the shape handle (you will see other side of node will not move). But again if you want to move that part also, again hold Alt key.

3. Like doing this change the lines into curves and make your desire path.

Method # 2:

Instead of using Add Anchor Point tool, you can use only Pen Tool to make these kind of selections:

1. Pick pen tool and click on the starting point, where you want to start the selection.

2. Click on the other location where you think Curve can be, click there and hold Left click (don’t leave left click) and move the pointer to make your desire curve.


3. Now before clicking on other location just hold Alt key and click on the node which you just created (between the center of Shape Handles). When you click there, you will see one Shape handle would vanish like show below:


4. Now again click on the other part and don’t leave left click, while holding left click down, move your pointer to make the curve and after leaving left click, hold Alt key and click on the newly created node. So while doing so goto the first node, when you click there it will not give Shape handles there.

After making the path, convert these into selection. For this, right click anywhere and select Make Selection. Give your desire Feather and hit ok. you will get the following selection:



If you think that you have put a node on wrong place, pick Delete Anchor Point tool delete-inchor-point-tool and click your desire node to delete.

In Method # 2, while making new point and without leaving left click, if you hold Alt key and move the shape handle on the newly added node, you will not need to click on the node while holding Alt key. I mean you can pick Alt key anytime and leave Shape handle on the Node instead of removing it.

Freeform Pen Tool freeform-pen-tool :

By using this tool you can select any part or more than one part at a time.

For this purpose you have to move mouse pointer while holding left click. Select one part and start selecting other part. When you think now these point should be converted to Selection, right click anywhere and selection Make Selection option.


you will get this after converting it to Selection:


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