60 Attractive Movie Posters

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I’ve collected 60 attractive posters of Famous Movies. The purpose is only to show Designing Technique and Color Scheme used by designers, so that new Designer may get Inspiration. Must tell me what is your favorite Poster by dropping your comments.

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  2. It almost seemed difficult to find some good posters tonight. But Finally! You definitely have quite a collection here. Dr. Parnassus is definitely eye catching. Star Wars Ep. 1, and Alice in wonderland. I think im in an odd mood.

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  5. Next? How is that on top? I barely bothered to scroll past the obvious and over used color scheme of blue and orange. It’s been done to death.

  6. Don’t mean to be harsh, but this list is very weak. A lot of these choices are just embarrassing.

    Off the top of my head, missing most obvious ones: Vertigo, Chinatown, D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance, Scarface, Forrest Gump, Jaws, Blade Runner, original Star Wars.

  7. I don’t normally do this but I was willing to give away my e-mail with the possibility that it could be sold off and I’ll be spammed for the rest of my life in order to say this: You are the WORST! I don’t even openly hate this often. If you had said: “Hey, guys! These r sum of my favs! I’m not a gud juge of taste or dezine but i hope you like em!” then this would be an acceptable list of movie posters. Okay, I’m done being a jerk. You need to check out two artsits: Drew Struzan and John Alvin. Alvin is responsible for posters for The Lion King (along with a great many other Disney movies), Blazing Saddles (his first), Red Dawn, Flatliners, the list goes on and on. Struzan is the man behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie posters. He worked with acrylics and airbrushed a lot of his work. He also did the poster for John Carpenter’s 1982 remake of The Thing. You should also look at some of Terry Gilliam’s posters.

    I’m sorry I was harsh earlier. I just think that if you really want to show some good examples for young designers you should use better ones than the ones you have up. A lot of them are too campy.


  8. Dude, you must be a pretty bad designer to find at least half these posters inspiring. In fact, i’ll even go on a limb and suggest you aren’t a designer at all. You should probably just delete this entire page. There are enough bad posters out there as it is, most you can find right here on your page, but the last thing we need is for someone to find these inspiring and continue the cycle of terrible movie posters. I’m surprised you didn’t post the new X-Men: First Class posters…Noob!!!!

  9. jesus, i got through the first 20 and almost choked on my own vomit… were these the first 60 that came up when you searched for “movie poster” on google?

  10. This is truly an awful collection of posters. The name should be “60 movie posters I like” (because clearly your definition of attractive is off). I mean seriously, Whip It, Yes Man, I Love You Man… just because they’re half decent movies doesn’t make their posters the best of all time.

  11. Worst collection of the supposed most attractive/best posters “of all time” lol good gawd this list is bad. it’s like you didn’t even try.

  12. We really appreciate your deep observation and consideration, that how deeply you observe Stunning Mesh. The purpose of uploading posters was to give some inspiration to new Designers. So we have changed the name of this post from ‘BEST’ to ‘ATTRACTIVE’. So thanks a lot to everybody for pointing it out.

  13. Some of these I would consider the best movie posters of all time (Jurassic Park, Avatar) but this needs some serious revisions. Disaster Movie? Our Family Wedding? Really? Please rename this just “60 movie posters”

  14. LA Confidential has, in my opinion, one of the most recognizable posters. I don’t think anyone would have to see the name of the movie to know.
    Also, not on here: Forrest Gump – when I see the poster of Forrest and Jenny sitting in that tree, I am so moved. I can stare it for the longest time.

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