This will be very nice Chilled Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial. Not a very lengthy tutorial, very short tutorial and you will learn some techniques in it, hopefully you will enjoy it as I enjoyed making it.

1. Lets start with a new File of size 560×400 px.

2.Press D to bring foreground color black and background white in the Color Palette.

3.Now go to Filter >> Render >> Clouds. Then type any text,  I’ve typed ‘Stunning Mesh’ in black color.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

4. Go to Layer panel and hold Ctrl key and then click on Thumbnail of Text layer, it will bring Marquee around the text like:

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

5. Now go to Select >> Feather, and enter 3. Then hide the text layer like this.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

6. Set your foreground color to white and background color to  this Gray color #7E7E7E. Now create a new layer and go to  Filter >> Render >> Clouds, your text will look like this.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

7.Now  go to Layer >> Flatten Image. When prompt box appear then press ok  button. Doing this Process will merge all the layers. Then  go to Image >> Rotate Canvas >> 90CW.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

8. Go to  Filter >> Stylize >> Wind and apply this details.

Method: Wind
Direction: From the Right
Press Ctr l+F five times ‘For repeating this effect’

you will get something like this:

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

9.Now again go to  Image >> Rotate Canvas >> 90CCW (this time) to turn the image back to normal viewing and Give these steps:

Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask.
Amount: 500%.
Radius: 2.
Threshold: 0.

Chilled Text Effect

10. Now create a new layer and set the Foreground color #00AFE1 and Background color #00309E. Select the Gradient tool in the options
select Radial Gradient and give the gradient like this:

Chilled Text Effect

11.Now change the Blending Mode of your new Layer to Hard Light. Here will be the final result of Chilled Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop, hope you enjoyed working on it:

Chilled Text Effect

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