Fantasy Photo Effect in Photoshop

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Here is a nice way to make your Photo a kind of Fantasy. Not more tools to use to make this effect. It is a bit short tutorial and interesting one too.

1. Let us start with any Picture. You can use any picture of yours or you can find one from anywhere.

2. Create a new layer and fill with  this color #F2EADF:

3. Now pick the Eraser tool  with feathered edges with large size like 300px and Erase the color from the center as you see in below image:

4. Now pick Brush tool  and use these color, #5A003F and #A90177 and use it like I’ve shown in below image:

5. From Layer Panel, change the blending mode from Normal to Soft Light:

6. Now its time to add some Blur, go to Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur, put some value in Radius between 5 to 10:

7. I’m now going to give some more detailing, take new layer and again pick Brush tool and pick any color, I’ve chosen Blue color and then brush on some part of picture like I’ve done in below image:

8. Again change its blending more from Normal to Soft Light:

9. Now I am going to put some shining stars. Create new layer and go to Layer >> Layer Style >> Outer Glow, give the following setting:.

10. Now pick Brush Tool  and by using different brushes style with tiny sizes, click on some places, then chose another brush style and click on some places and like this you can create the following atmosphere.

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