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I’ve already read a tutorial about making Icons in Photoshop, but here is very simple and short technique to make Icons in Photoshop, beginners will really enjoy making this tutorial as it is not complicated one. So hopefully you will like it.

1. Lets start with a new document of size 560x560px with RGB color mode and 72 resolution, with black background. Now draw a Circle having white color by using Ellipse Tool .

2. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke and give the following setting:

3. Don’t hit ok, click on Gradient Overlay and make the Following Gradient, I’ve mentioned color numbers:

4. When you hit OK, the following effect should come:

5. Goto Layer Panel and click on the Thumbnail of the Circle layer by holding Ctrl (cmd) key:

6. Now pick Elliptical Marque Tool  and from the Property Panel switch on ‘Intersect with Selection‘ icon . Now select the upper part of the Ellipse like show below:

7. Create a new Layer and while keeping same selection, fill the selection by White color with 20% opacity. (you can do this by filling the selection with white color and change the opacity of the layer to 20% from Layer Panel).

8. Now type any Character in the middle, I’ve used ‘X‘ for an example, color will depend upon you, I’ve used White color:

9. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke (and then Bevel and Emboss), give the following settings:

10. Here is the Final Result:

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