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I’m going to tell you very simple and short technique to give any object 3D look in Adobe Illustrator. You will really enjoy it as it is not difficult way to do so. So come and lets start.

1. Select Pen Tool from your toolbar and create this kind of shape:

2. Goto Effect >> 3D >> Revolve and give these setting:

see the result:

4. Here is another object and way to make 3D,

5. After making object and selecting it, run the command, Effect >> 3D >> Extrude and Bevel and give the following settings:

Here is the result:

6. You can also make 3D Text Effect. Write your text and give it any color and outline:

7. Goto Effect >> 3D >> Extrude & Bevel and give these setting:

See the result

8. Now I’m going to type Full name and then I’m going to copy it and then paste it:

9. Now I’m going to change the second text to MESH.

10. Here is the final 3D text:

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