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In this tutorial I’m going to teach you some commands and techniques in Photoshop. By using these commands and techniques you can make very colorful and attractive text and also Dynamic Backgrounds. So lets start.1. Start with a new document with black background:

2. Create new layer and pick Brush Tool  with #B20058 color and with soft edges with large size. Click in the middle of the page to make something like this:

3. Go to Filter >> Distort >> Zigzag and give the following settings:

Result will be something like this:

4. Now type your text in white color:

5. Goto Layer >> Layer Style >> Drop Shadow then Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, Contour, Satin, Gradient Overlay, Stroke one by one and give the relevant settings:

After hitting Ok, you will get this result:

6. Now its time to work on Background. Create a new layer and select Brush tool  with 1 px size and with color #B20058 and draw the stars like this:

7. Now go to Filter >> Blur >> Radial Blur and  Give these setting:

Amount: 10px
Blur method : Zoom
Quality : Best

you will get slight effect, don’t worry we are now going to make it visible:

8. Press Ctrl+J for 7 times and see the result, these lines would be enough visible now:

9. Now by using Rectangular Tool , draw the rectangle as shown below (with white color):

10. By using Pen Tool  delete the bottom part of this Rectangle to make Waverly shape:

11. Keep selecting this layer and click on the thumbnail of the text layer by holding Ctrl key, it will bring marquee around the text, then press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection and press Delete key. You will get this part of the rectangular:

12. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 20% from layer panel:

13. Now I’m going to write Mesh (remaining part of text). Applying the Layer style of Stunning over Mesh and then doing same steps to put White shade over it, as I did for Stunning:

14. Now again create new layer and select Brush Tool  with 1px and create the stars with #B20058 color:

15. If you have any dynamic shape and you wanted to put on this background, then paste your background over it, I have an abstract wallpaper so I’m pasting it:

16.By using Magic Eraser tool , I’ve deleted the white parts of this shape and then I’ve changed the Blending mode from Normal to Screen from Layer panel:

17. Now I’m also going to put another Abstract wallpaper:

18. I’m going to change its blending mode from Normal to Overlay:

19. By using the Soft Eraser tool , I’m going to erase some parts of this background:

Here is the Final result:

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