Lets Make Flying Glowing Text in Photoshop Tutorial

It is a very long tutorial, patience need to make it. In this tutorial we are going to create some Flying Glowing Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop so some characters will fly around our Main Text. Very glowing and attractive effect.

Final Result of our Flying Glowing Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop:

1. Start with a new file of any size, I’ve taken 560x400px. Apply the Radial Gradient on it with #961700 and #FD6400 colors, as shown below:

2. Type a Single Character, around which you want to fly some alphabets. I’m going to write S and remaining characters ‘unningmesh’ around it. So I’ve written S with white font and larger size and opacity to 40%:

3. Now we need to apply Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Gradient Overlay over it. Run the command Layer >> Layer Style and all commands one by one with the following settings:

This kind of result should come:

4. Now I’m going to write other characters one by one around S, and reducing the opacity of all characters to 40%:

5. Create a new layer and Pick Brush tool  with soft edges and white color, click anywhere to make the spot:

6. Press Ctrl+T and reduce the height, and remove the top half of this shape and put it under S, like shown below:

7. From Layer Panel, change the blending mode from Normal to Soft Light.

8. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and to make it more visible:

9. Create new layer and again pick Brush Tool with soft edges with white color and change the blending mode to Soft Light and make some spots like I’ve mention in Black circles in below image:

This kind of effect will come:

10. Create a new layer and pick Brush tool with hard edges and white color, make some circles of different sizes (by using [ and ] keys) and change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay:

11. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate these bubbles and place on different places, like shown below:

12. Create another layer and pick Brush tool with Soft edge and white color, click on the left side of the S with small size like shown below:

13. Pick Smudge Tool  and change the shape of this spot like shown below:

14. Now duplicate this shape, change the angle and place it on different positions, like shown below, also change the blending mode of few to Overlay and some to Soft Light, some will remain Normal:

15. Select the two shape which are placed under S, press Ctrl+T and expand width like shown below:

16. Create new layer, fill it with Black and then pick Brush tool with soft edges and #E44701 color, click on different places:

17. Change the blending mode from Normal to  Color Dodge:

18. Pick Eraser tool  and erase the bottom Black color:

This effect should come:

19. Now put all these layers in one Folder, right click on it and select Duplicate Folder, write any name and hit OK, then press Ctrl+E to merge all layers in folder with each other:

20. Now change the blending mode of it to Color Dodge:

22. Go to Filter >> Brush >> Paint Dabus and give these settings:

Brush size=18
Brush Type=Simple

Here is the final look of our Flying Glowing Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop:

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