Glowing Colorful Background in Photoshop

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So here is another attractive and stunning Background. You will learn some new techniques in it. It will be a very simple technique, but result would be astonishing.

1. Lets start with a new document. Fill it with Dark Gray color, but don’t use Black color please, I’ve used #1b1b1b:

2. Now I need a picture having Smoke effect, you can take anyone from searching through NET. So paste it on Canvas:

3. Change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay from Layer panel:

4. Now pick Brush Tool  with Soft edges and create new layer and drag brush by using three different colors of your own choice, like I’ve done:

5. Change its blending mode from Normal to Overlay:

6. Create another layer and press D to bring Black and White colors in Color palette. Fill black color and go to Filter >> Render >> Cloud:

7. Again change its Blending mode from Normal to Overlay from Layer Panel:

8. Now we are going to add some noise over it. Take new layer, fill it with Black color and run the command Filter >> Noise >> Add Noise and apply these setting:

This kind of result should come:

9. Change its blending mode from Normal to Screen through Layer Panel:

10. Run the command Layer >> Adjustments >> Level or just press Ctrl+L and give these setting:

This kind of result would come:

11. Take New layer and now I’m going to add some more colors, I’m using now dark yellow color and again by taking Soft Brush, I’ve covered the following area:

12. Change its blending mode from Normal to Overlay:

13. Now pick Rectangular Marquee Selection tool  and draw a long rectangle, create new layer and apply the gradient by using Gradient Tool , from White to Transparent as shown below:

14. By using Eraser tool , erase the left and right parts of this rectangle as shown below:

15. Change its blending mode from Normal to Soft Light, press Ctrl+T and change its angle as shown below:

16. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and move the copied shape on different locations as shown below:

Here is our final image:

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