Beautiful Broken Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Sometimes you need a different style of Titles, while working on any Printing material, so here I’m going to tell you a different technique, by using these commands and Techniques you can easily create Broken Text Effect in Illustrator, very informative and useful Illustrator Tutorial.

1. Start with a new document, and type your desire text and apply font of your desire, I’ve typed Stunning Mesh and applied Debas Font:

2. Select the text and go to Object >> Expand and press ok. It will separate all letters of your text.  Now pick Direct Selection tool  and change the size of some letters as shown below:

3. Pick Pen tool  and draw some shapes as I’ve mentioned below, don’t worry about color:

4. Pick Direct Selection tool and select these shapes one by one and run the command Object >> Path >> Divide Object Below. It will Trim the shape from the text:

5. I’ve mentioned this in below, just see S, it is divided into 3 parts now:

6. While Direct Selection tool still on, click on this small part and hit Delete key to delete this part:

7. One by one select these parts and hit Delete key to delete these parts:

This kind of effect should come:

8. Now this text has been converted into many parts, by using Direct Selection tool select some tiny parts and change their places to give some broken effect:

Here is the effect after changing the positions:

9. Now you can change the colors of these parts to give different look. I’ve done it and mentioned below in 3 different styles, so we have the Final result of our Broken Text Effect in Illustrator Tutorial, hope you enjoyed working on this Tutorial, do not forget to tell us your views or questions in the bottom Comment Box, we really love to have your Precious Comments:

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  4. Great simple tutorial. Was looking for a pre-made font like this when I searched google. I was not expecting to make my own. Thanks again!

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