Cartoon Character in Illustrator – Very Impressive Technique

This is very long tutorial, by using this tutorial you can make Cartoon Character in Illustrator. You can make changes accordingly.

1. Take new file in Adobe Illustrator and create a rectangle by using Rectangle Tool . Then fill it with Gradient (it will be your own choice so I’ve used the following Gradient):

2. Now I’m going to create Cartoon’s body area. Pick Pen tool  and draw the following shape:

3. Now fill it with any Gradient, I’ve used the following:

4. Now I’m going to create its left Eye. Pick Ellipse Tool  and draw an eye at proper place, fill it with white as shown below:

5. Now I’m going to create eye ball, again pick Ellipse tool and draw a smaller Circle this time and fill it with Black and place it on proper position:

6. Now duplicate these two ellipses and place these towards right side to complete second Eye:

7. Now I’m going to create the Face. You can use either Ellipse tool or Pen tool to create the face, like shown below:

8. Its time to create its Teeth, I’m using Rectangle tool  to make its two Teeth:

9. To give these rectangle a proper look of Teeth, I’m going to convert its bottom line from straight to Curve. Pick Sub Selection Tool and convert bottom lines from straight to curves, like:

8. So far we have made this:

9. Now pick Line Tool  and draw a line and give the outline a size and color (it will depend upon the size of your Cartoon Character, I’ve use the following size and color):

10. Duplicate this line and place on the appropriate positions, these would be the Arms and legs of the character:

11. Now I’m going to create the Hands, make two circles:

12. Give color of your own choice to Arms and Hands:

13. By using Pen Tool I’m going to create Shoes:

14. Copy this shoe and past it at the bottom of other leg. Again duplicate both these shoes and by using Effect >> Blur and give the Gaussian Blur. To make Shadow like this:

15. Duplicate the Body and place it behind and left side and reverse the Gradient:

This kind of effect should come:

16. For some detailing I’ve made some circles on the head, and having different size and reduce the opacity to 20%:

17. Now I’m going to work on Shoes, by using Pen tool draw a shape like shown below and fill it with White color:

18. Reduce the opacity to 20% and see the look:

19. Now I’m gong to make Tongue, by using Pen tool draw a shape and fill it with color of your own choice:

Here is the Character so far:

20. Now by using Star tool  make a star having 4 corners, fill it with white color.

21. Open Brush panel (by using Window >> Brushes) and drag your star and drop it inside the Brush Panel. A box will appear, select New Scatter Brush (following Picture 2). After hitting ok another box will come, give the settings of Picture 3 at bottom and hit ok:

22. Select the Brush tool  and make stars as shown below:

23. I’ve created some bigger stars like shown below, so we would be having the final Cartoon Character:

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  2. This is brilliant.Not only the tutorial which is really productive, but also the cartoon character.I haven’t used Illustrator even once…will give it a try.

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