Lattice and Skylight Effects in 3D Studio Max Tutorial

Here is the first text effect in 3D Studio Max, in this tutorial we would be using Lattice and Skylight effects in 3D Studio Max. Many things for you to learn in this tutorial so must try.

1. First of all we have to convert Renderer into Mental Ray, for this purpose press F10 key to open Render Setup window, scroll down to Common Panel, then open Assign Renderer, click on Choose Renderer button.

Select Mental Ray renderer from the list and click Ok, then close Renderer setup window.

2. Create plane from Geometry on the perspective window.

Create text from the shape and place it on the plane. Select the text and go to the modify panel, change the size, style of text and also text, I’m going to write ‘STUNNING MESH’.

3. Then go to the Modify Panel and drop down the modifiers list and select Lattice and adjust the following parameters:

you will get this kind of result:

4. Now create another plane and place it on the first plane like shown below:

and also apply Lattice on this plane:

you will get this:

5. Now I’m going to apply material, press M to open Material Editor, select first material slot from the list and click on the Standard button:

Select Multi/Sub Object from the list and hit ok:

Click on the Set Number button and write 2:

6. Click on the First Material:

and click on the standard button again and this time select Arch & Design, material, hit Ok:

Click on the templates list and change the templates to Glass (Thin Geometry) material, like show below:

7. Go back to the Multi/Sub object material (by selecting 01-Default from list box):

and click on the second material:

button and open the (arch & design) material. Change the diffuse color to yellow.

8. Go back again and drag and drop the Multi/Sub object on the Text and also on the plane 2:

9. Now select the second material slot:

and open the Arch & Design, change Diffuse color to white and set reflectivity glossiness to (.5):

scroll down the panel and open the special effects tab:

turn on the ambient occlusion:

and drag and drop the material on the plane 1. Close the material editor:

10. Press 8 to open Environment window and change the environment background color to white and close the Environment window:

11. Now go the standard lights and create sky light.

12. Press F10 to open Render Setup window, set the output size:

13. Finally press F9 for render the scene and save the image. Here is the final result of our 3D Studio Max Tutorial by using Lattice and Skylight Effects, hope you enjoyed it:

Mirza Furqan Adil

Furqan is having more than 8 years of experience in graphics design, 3d modeling and animation and over the past 8 years he is deeply involved in any form of art like website designs, Music, concept sketch, automobile concept design, character concept sketch, logo design, animations, Photo-real 3d product/architecture visualization.

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  2. Transfer the highest layer to align the pictures on a focus to cut back any unwanted double vision points,
    then crop the document to measurement.

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