March 30, 2020

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Wazala – Online Shopping Cart Software

It is a great news for Bloggers / Tastemakers that they can enjoy an easy and best software for Shopping Cart. Wazala ( is a product developed by Boxador ( It is a hosted e-commerce solution that adds an online store to any website, blog or even Facebook page to start selling online. Wazala’s main target are, Bloggers and Tastemakers. Bloggers because Wazala integrates beautifully with blogging platforms and can be a great addition to any blog. By tastemakers, those who have an influence on other, from artists, musicians, photographers, writers, bloggers even smaller to mid business with a niche.

The integration to website platforms is so simple and you definitely do not need any coding knowledge. Simple copy and paste codes and you are set. One backend to manage everything and you can spread your store on multiple platforms, websites blogs and even Facebook with changes in the backend taking effect immediately.

As any e-commerce tool Wazala is feature packed with everything you need to run an online business successfully. What sets apart is the ease of use, user experience and the simplicity.

Some of the main Features are:

  • Seamlessly and elegantly super- imposes on your website
  • Sell physical and digital products from the same store
  • Receive payments through most widely used payment platforms
  • Wazala’s look and feel simply works with any site design
  • Critical inventory information at your figure tips
  • Offer coupons and discounts to value customers and partners
  • Beautiful display of multiple product images and options
  • Elegant dashboard displaying all critical store activities
  • Wazala adapts and reacts to your growing store needs
  • Advanced customization for the look and feel of your store
  • A truly worldly shopping experience
  • Integrated fulfillment and support

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