10 Useful and Important Tips for Design Students

Being design students is not an easy task. According to some people who are born creative, it is very easy for them. However, this is not true. It is equally tough for both, design students who are creative and design students who are not so creative. When it comes to designing field, it is a very competitive field and surviving in this field is not at all any easy task. Following are a few very useful tips for design students that can help them a lot in their professional career:

1. Importance of Design Studies:

Importance of Design Studies

Not everyone is lucky enough to born creative. There might be a few people who can afford to forgo the formal education and still be successful. But, when it comes to professional field, almost every employer would want to take a look at your impressive portfolio. Not only that your degrees are the most important thing to an employer. Even if you are way too talented and you do not have a graphic design degree, getting a good can be really difficult for you. So, the first thing you need to do as a designer is to join a designing school and learn from it. This will not only enhance your skills as a designer but will make you more passionate towards your work i.e., designing. The name of a very good art institute will only give a good impression on your resume.

2. Be Sure Of What You Need:

Be Sure Of What You Need

As design students, you need to be sure of what kind of designing you really want to do. If you sound confused to your employers, this will not give a very good impression of yours. The good thing about being sure about what kind of designing you want to be in i.e., web or graphic will help you learn more about it. Once you educate yourself more about the desired field, you can incorporate it into your portfolio and start looking for your dream job.

3. Experimenting Is the Key to Success:

Experimenting Is the Key to Success

In order to learn about designing, one has to follow some set and defined principles. However, you can learn more from breaking those rules instead of following them. If you want to see yourself grow as a designer, you will have to try new things. Remember, designing school is one place where you are your own boss and you can design anything you want. That is the best time to experiment and bring out the best of you. The key is to push yourself as much as you can during the learning procedure so that when you enter the professional field, you are confident enough about your creativity.

4. Talk About Your Work:

Talk About Your Work

People will only listen to you if you will make them listen. In today’s world, everyone is way too busy and no one has enough time to come to you and ask you about your work. If you want people to hear you, you need to develop a habit of talking about your work. You should participate in portfolios reviews as this experience will help you a lot in your upcoming interviews. If you have juniors, show them your portfolio and explain them as to why you came up with a certain design. The habit of talking about your work can be very beneficial for your career as you would know how to describe your work to future employers and potential clients. You need to be good with your talking skills so that you can make people understand the answers to their questions. Never even tell your client that you selected something because you liked it. There should be a logical reason behind your selection.

5. Web Won’t Bite – Understand It:

Web Won’t Bite – Understand It

The best to learn about anything these days is internet. Don’t be afraid of web as internet won’t bite you. If you have a passion towards designing and you cannot join a school, internet can be your school any day. You just have to be a good student in order to learn via web. Search the internet and you will be surprised by the useful information available regarding designing. Always keep one thing in mind, you cannot learn anything just by reading so whatever you learn through internet, you need to practice it, implement it so that you know how these things work. Try your hands on CSS, HTML and try creating your own blog. Blog is a great addition in portfolio and a prefect representation of your creativity.

6. Act As a Professional:

Act As a Professional

Have all the fun in your college days or during learning. However, when you are on board as a professional designer, you need to be very professional in your saying and doings. Remember, everything you post online is visible to everyone and it also includes your future employers and potential clients. You should be very careful about what you write as it is very important to deliver the right kind of message. These days’ employers are constantly on look for talented people and they start their search via internet. You might lose your chances of getting hired by a great employer just because you posted something on your blog that you shouldn’t have so be very careful and act as a professional on social mediums i.e., your blog and social networking websites.

7. Grow Your Network As Design Students:

Grow Your Network

If you want people to know you, you will have to promote yourself and the best way to do that is through networking. Get your business cards printed and go out and start meeting people. Always carry your business cards with you as you never know when you might need them. Networking is a great way to find a good employer and not only this; it will also improve your social skills. Anyone you meet, remember to be polite to them. Also, good networking needs a lot of follow-up so make sure you call your potential employers or clients often.

Online networking is another way of promoting yourself. Social networking websites are a great way to grow your network. Come up with your own blog and write useful information in it to get noticed. You never know when an opportunity can knock at the door after all, this world is a small place.

8. Internship or Freelance Work:

Internship or Freelance Work

Never sit idle as this can affect your creativity. In order to get your feet wet in the designing field, find yourself a good internship or look for some freelance work. If you are studying in a designing school, they will help you in getting an internship. If not, you can always look for opportunities on your own and do not hesitate in knocking the opportunities door on your own instead of waiting.

9. Learn How to Write Well:

Learn How to Write Well as Design Students

Graphic and web designers need to improve their writing skills. Designers who are associated with print media might have to come up with some of the copy for their own designs. Also, if you start a blog you will have to write articles, reply to people comments so you must work very hard to improve your writing skills as well in order to be able to deliver your message.

10. Personal Projects:

Personal Projects for Design Students

There is no pint in sitting idle. If you are not getting work, start working on building up your portfolio. You can always work on your personal projects as this is a great way to learn new things and also you will have something to show to your potential clients or employers. Plus, this will give you a freedom to work in your own style and experiment. Your personal projects will give a very good impression to employers and they will appreciate the fact that you are passionate about your work.

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