Detailed Designing and Why It Is Important For Business?

Detailed Designing and Why It Is Importance

You must have heard the phrase “design is in the details”. Ask any designer and he will let you know how true this phrase is. In order to be a successful graphic designer, one has to bring out his best creativity in each of his project. Drawing simple lines or coming up with good color schemes is not what you can call a creative design. You must understand the concept of your project first and then you should start designing. The more you get into the details of the project, the more you will be able to come up with a phenomenal design. While designing something, it is extremely important that you focus on little details. You need to concentrate on what is right and what is wrong so that you can come up with a design which is flawless.

You would have seen a lot of presentations where designers show their final design layouts and still the professional designers reject them because according to them, the design still needs a lot. You have to understand when the design is just not finished. If you are 98% satisfied with your design, you need to analyze why you are not satisfied 100%. You need to find the shortcoming of your design and improve them before presenting it to your client. Always remember that you need to get into minor and major details of the project so that you can make your client happy by presenting an extra ordinary design. In other words we can say that you need to show your creativity at its best in every project. Now, the question arises as to why you need to embrace details so much? A simple answer is that you need to show your client a design which is 100% complete and getting into details is the only way of doing it. Do not let deadlines get you under pressure and affect your work. If you are passionate about your work, you will work for extra hours to finish a project. The best you can do with your design is to analyze it critically. You will be amazed to see how many changes are required.

Detailed Designing

Following are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before you show your design to your client:

Experimenting – Learning From Your Mistakes:

One must never be afraid to experiment. The only way to learn is to experiment, make mistakes and then learn from them. As a designer, you will have a lot of ways to experiment. Start making sketches of your designs. Also, you must try your layouts on different computers. The thing that does not look good on one might appear outstanding on other system. Instead of thinking constantly, start drawing whatever comes into your mind. Once you have started designing, you should consider that you have won the half battle because initiating a design is the hardest thing.

Also, you should never be afraid of discarding all the previous work if you think its not working. You can start it all over again. The only way to refine you work is to re-do it again and again until you are unable to find a single mistake in it.

Perfect Choices:

While designing something, you will have to make a lot of choices. For instance, deciding which colors to chose is the most difficult thing. As a designer, you will have your own way of coming up with color combinations. Always try to keep things simple and straight. You must find easy way of doing things instead of making them complicated. Also, while making choices always think from a viewer’s point of view. Some things are only understood by designers and not by a common man. So, you need to think like a common man while selecting things in order to come up with perfect choices for a layout. The less complicated it is, the more it will be liked by the audience.

Consistency – the Best Policy:

If you want to save yourself from hassle and very hard time, you need to be really consistent. Whatever choices you make and implement while designing do not forget to note them down and make sure you select the same things in the entire layout. For instance, the number of pixels that you use must be noted down so that you can use the same number. Your consistency can be seen in your design and it will show you as a sophisticated designer.

Fine Finishing:

Your fine finishing will show that you have put in a lot of effort in the details of the designing. Do not miss a single thing that is required in order to complete the project. You have to re-evaluate your design again and again until you are completely satisfied with it. Once you are done with your project, see it from client’s perspective and if something needs to be changed, change it. Always remember that little details need your attention so re check your design from head to toe.

First Impression:

As a designer, you do need a break from designing. If you will look at the same design constantly, you won’t be able to find flaws in it. What you need is a break. Take a break for half an hour, come back and see your design. The first impression you will have of the design is most likely the first impression of your client. You need to make changes to your design according to the impression it gave to you. If you are almost done with the design and you think something needs to be modified, go for it.

Critical Analysis:

You need to take a look at your design and analyze it critically. Do not look at it as your own design but look at it from a client’s point of view. Ask yourself questions as to why you selected such designs or color schemes. As a designer, you must have a logical answer for all such questions as you may get to hear them from your client.

Less is More:

You must have heard about this phrase a lot. If you get into details of your design, you will understand the phrase perfectly as to why less is more. Using a lot of things altogether can be very complicating. Your design should look simple and harmonious. Your design should be a depiction of simplicity and not complexity.

Healthy Obsession:

Being passionate about your work is a great thing. Having an obsession for your work is even better as long as it is a healthy obsession. Design is just like a puzzle but the difference is that this puzzle is created by you and you have to make sure that every piece of puzzle falls into the right place. You cannot achieve perfection; you can only strive for it. If you will keep minute details in mind, you will surely come up with a design which is phenomenal.

To Sum it Up…

Working on details can be very hard as designing is a vast area and sometimes a person may end up neglecting a lot of important things. But in such cases, you are only messing up with your own image as a designer. When you are designing something, it is a representation of your creativity so make sure you leave no stones un turned. You should check your work so many times that it leaves no room for other to find drawbacks in it. If you have made a project like this, you have successful understood the phrase “design is in the details”.

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