Feel Good About Being a Graphic Designer

It doesn’t matter which field you belong to, you must love your job in order to be good at it. As a graphic designer, you are gifted by God to be naturally creative. Yes, it is true that not all designers are naturally creative but anyone who has been successful in this field somewhere had that spark which is desired to be a successful graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you should feel good about yourself as you have the gift of communicating things through design and not verbally. As a designer, you give a new meaning and life to the text used everywhere and not to forget to mention that designers can create a magic with images. Not every other person can be a good graphic designer so, if you are, you should feel proud about yourself.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should feel good as a graphic designer. Let’s take a look at a few reasons due to which you should be proud of what you do:

Super Skills:

Feel Good About Being a Graphic Designer, Reasons to Be Happy

Designing is what you perceive it to be. While coming up for a design, you can be extremely serious or you can consider it an exciting and entertaining activity. One thing you must never forget that you have a skill of thinking and portraying it via images so never take it for granted. Feel blessed that you have God given talent because you can find hundreds of people with no skill at all and they have to live with it. Anyone can be intelligent or get a degree but not everyone is born with a skill. Being creative is not an easy task. Also, with the help of this one skill, you can do a regular job and also acquire it as a freelance job. This skill can be utilized by staying at home, without any investment and still be able to earn money for yourself or family. We do tend to forget blessings so as a designer you should constantly remind yourself that God has given you a great gift. Take care of it, grow in it and be thankful to God for bestowing you with a great skill of designing.

The Passion:

Admit it or not, designers are a little more passionate about their work than other professionals belonging to different walks of life. You will see that designers are passionate about their each and every project regardless if it is a small project or a big one. Some people even consider graphic designers to be a little weird but they won’t understand the passion in designers. Designers look at things from a very different perspective. Things that appear to be extremely normal to other people, designers have the ability to understand the story behind every object because they themselves are the creators of various designing objects. Another strange thing about graphic designers is that unlike other people, they love their work; they look forward to coming to work and working on a project. Every time they start designing, they come up with something exceptionally creative and out of the world. As a designer, you should be proud of the fact that you are considered to be the most passionate people on earth so be proud of it and let people envy you and your great skills.

Power to Communicate:

Graphic designers have the most amazing power to communicate. The good thing is that they are able to communicate things without saying a word. You will find such good designers who can with a single design make people stand and think about a certain situation. Designers have the ability to change people’s mind or influence their decision with their creativity. So, you skill is in a way contributing towards society as well. Not everyone has the ability to communicate things without even uttering a word. Since you can, this one reason is more than enough to be proud of yourself and to feel good about your work.

An Exciting Profession:

Another reason why you should feel good about being a graphic designer is that designers will never get bored of their work. They do not have to sit on a desk for doing mundane tasks everyday. They will always have something new, exiting and thrilling projects to work on. You can say designers are on a never ending roller coaster ride and some people might not admit it but everyone has a desire to be creative. Also, everyone wants to love their job and the reasons why designers love their job is that it constantly gives them a chance to show world something extremely new and unique. Being creative everyday is a thrill in itself.

Sense of Security:

The fact is that graphic designers are here to stay and this sense of security is very important in today’s world. These designers who are often called the strange ones have the ability to stay in the market and get the work too. The reason is internet; graphic designing for print media or electronic media will never go out of fashion. In fact this field is growing every day so if you have decided to be a graphic designer, you have taken a right decision. Be one and feel good to a graphic designer.

Loads of Experience:

The experience designers will have, no one else can have an experience like that. Since they are always up to coming with something creative, they will experience something new every time they create a magic i.e., design. Working on so many different things will leave you with one story of every project. I personally think that designer are not appreciated or patted as much as they deserve but they should still feel good as they have unlimited stories and creative experience.

Financial Benefits:

Apart from everything, graphic designers always have the ability to earn some really good money in a very less time. They can work in a big company and they can also work as a freelancer. This is a great thing about being skillful that you can always make some extra money for your needs and designers can do exactly the same. Another best thing is that designers are paid for what they love doing and not everyone is lucky enough to earn money for their passion.

Final Thoughts:

One should be proud of whatever they do and designers have multiple reasons to love their job. Some people might think that designing is an easy task. This is not the case since designers can go through creativity block as well but then again designing is fun for them. Not everyone in this world gets to do a job where they have to bring out their best creativity every time. A lot of people have boring jobs and designers should feel good that they are constantly doing something new and different. So, feel good to be a graphic designer and love your field. You will also find some people who will think that anyone can be a great graphic designer. Let them think what they want to, you know it’s not true. Designers are blessed and they should definitely feel good about themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Feel Good About Being a Graphic Designer, Reasons to Be Happy

  1. Thank you for this article. I’ve been designing for about 14 years. There have been some lean years, but only because of fear and inexperience. I absolutely, positively love what I do. I have job security, because design will never, ever go away. I also make very good money; I can work from anywhere in the world and my projects are always new and fresh. thanks again for your encouraging and thoughtful article.

  2. What a nice way to start off my morning. As an up-and-comer web/graphic designer, there are days when I question if I want to continue down this design path. I have my up and down days a lot. But what it all boils down to is if I have passion for it, then I need not give up.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post

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