Making of Tennis Ball in 3D Studio Max – [Video Tutorial]

Here is another tutorial for you regarding 3D Studio Max series. It is a video tutorial in which you are going to make a Greenish Tennis Ball in 3D Studio Max. Simple but useful tutorial, must be telling you some techniques in Studio Max. In this tutorial you will learn, Spherify, Editable Poly, Mesh Smooth etc. techniques.

This is the Final result of Tennis Ball in 3D Studio Max, you will really enjoy watching and making this Awesome 3D Studio Max Tutorial (in any case if video is not playing then you can View this Video direct in YouTube, here is the link of this Video:

If you enjoyed watching and working on this Tutorial then here is another 3D Studio Max Tutorial for you, this is about Smooth and Tighten Edges Technique in 3D Studio Max, you’ll learn a lot of new techniques by watching and working on this Tutorial. Must watch and learn a lot from it.

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Mirza Furqan Adil

Furqan is having more than 8 years of experience in graphics design, 3d modeling and animation and over the past 8 years he is deeply involved in any form of art like website designs, Music, concept sketch, automobile concept design, character concept sketch, logo design, animations, Photo-real 3d product/architecture visualization.

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