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How To Create PNG (Transparent) Icon in 3D Studio Max

This is a text based tutorial in 3D Studio Max, in this tutorial you will learn how to make a PNG Transparent Icon using 3D Studio Max. We will learn some technique like MeshSmooth, RayTraced Material, Omni Lights and few more. So lets start.

1. Lets start with a new file. Now Create tube from standard primitives with following parameters:

You will get this:

2. Select the object and go the  modifiers list and apply mesh smooth to smoothen the edges of tube:

3. Set the following meshsmooth parameters:

Following result should display:

4. Go to the front view. Create sphere in the following position with following parameters:

This kind of sphere would come:

5. Click on “Select and Uniform Scale” button and  scale down the sphere towards Y-Axis as show below:

6. Go the shapes and select line:

7. Draw a home with a line on the front view:

8. Select the triangle shape, go to the modify panel, click on the attach button then click on the squares to attach other drawn shapes with

9. Select the home, go to the modifiers list, apply Bevel, and change the following parameters:

House Icon would become like this:

10. Press (M) key for material editor, Click on the Standard button, Select Raytraced, Click ok:

11. Change the following parameters to create metal chrome material. Drag and drop the material on the tube:

12. Create another raytraced material, change the following parameters for glass material. Drag and drop the glass material on the sphere:

13. Create standard material for home icon, change the following parameters. Drag and drop the material on the home icon:

14. Create box on this position for reflection purpose:

15. Apply standard material on it. Change the following parameters. Drag and drop the material on the box:

16. Adjust home icon and sphere as shown below:

17. Go to standard lights:

18. Select omni lights:

19. Create two omni lights on the following positions:

20. Press (F9) key to render the scene:

21. When rendering done, click on the save image button, save image as png format:

22. Here is the final image you will get:

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