In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to Puzzleup your Picture, then we will mask that picture into it. We will not be using existing Puzzle, we will make Puzzle by our self. So many new things for you to learn, new techniques in this tutorial.

Final Result of Puzzleup your Picture with Photoshop Tutorial:

1. Lets start with a new empty file of size 560×400 px with RGB color mode and 72DPI resolution.

2. Now first of all, Create a New Group in layer panel, by clicking on Create a new group Icon:

3. Pick Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle of size 50 px x 50px, having any color:

4. Right click on its name in Layer Panel and select Rasterize Layer. Now pick Ellipse Tool and draw an ellipse of size 20px x 20px, have same color as of Rectangle. But you have to put in center of the rectangle horizontally but 15px above the rectangle, so 5px should touch the rectangle. As shown below:

5. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate this circle and move it on the bottom of the rectangle, but this time 15px should overlap the rectangle and 5px below the rectangle. As shown below (for your convenience I’ve filled this circle with red color):

6. Now do the same thing with Horizontally this time as shown below:

7. Now select both layers of Red Ellipse and press Ctrl+E to merge these two Ellipses. Now select Rectangle layer and then click on the thumbnail of the red ellipse layer (which we just merged). It will bring marquee around ellipses, hit Del key to delete that part from Rectangle, press Ctrl+D to remove selection and then delete red circles by selecting the layer and hitting the Del key, and then merge it with other two black circles layers so that you should have the following object in one layer:

8. Now here is the part which will take some time, it needs your strong nerves, you have to duplicate this shape as many time to cover the whole stage as shown below:

9. Now we require the picture, which we are going to mask in Puzzle, I’m going to use this picture:

10. Now select the first puzzle and apply the following layer style to it:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

11. Right click on the name of this layer and select Copy Layer Style, then select all other Puzzle layers and right click on it and select Paste Layer Style.

12. Now we have to copy the picture as many time as Puzzles are and we have to put One Puzzle and One Picture alternatively:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

Looks very long process but it will take only few minutes, as simply paste the picture over the first puzzle and then use Ctrl+J and Ctrl+] again and again.

13. Now we have to mask every picture into its own Puzzle part, simply hold Alt key and click on between Puzzle and Picture layer, you have to click on for every picture so you will have this in layer panel:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

Picture will become as:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

14. Now select each Puzzle and Picture one by one and press Ctrl+E to merge each picture with its own Puzzle.

15. Now move some part away from its location and rotate these on different directions and give them normal shadow as:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

16. As we have made all these things in a group, so goto Layer Panel and right click on the name of the group and select Duplicate Group, no need to give any name, simply hit <Enter> key and then press Ctrl+E to merge everything in one layer, and press Ctrl+[ to move it down the original Group. (remember to minimize that group so that you simply have to press Ctrl+[ once. Now give it the following Dropshadow property:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

This final result of Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop should come:

Puzzleup your Picture in Photoshop Tutorial

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