6 Different Species of Bloggers And Their Traits

In today’s e-media world anyone can be a blogger, but not every blogger has the ability to modify the content to its supreme quality. A successful blog is not a result of a month’s effort it needs time, dedication, focus and more importantly well marketed quality content. Now in order to make the success a little easy you need to develop some features in your personality. These will allow you to think, work, and act like successful bloggers. So, fasten your seat belt because after adopting these you will never be the same again.

The debate about improving blogging, surging traffic, designing good web lay out and freelancing has been going on at various platforms. You just type the any of the above keyword in search bar you get million results.

It does not mean we should stop mulling over these critical issues, however; there are numerous other venues open for our attention. Today’s topic is a different on various accounts. In today’s post my focus will be entirely on you. Yes! You who has designated himself as blogger, but never thought what characteristics have you developed as a blogger? Does it affect your work? Does it go with your image?

1. Vigilant Predictor – What, Who, When, How?

Vigilant Predictor – What, Who, When, How

This quality does not need you to be a psychic, however; it may allow you to develop some intuitive ability in yourself. It means you need to become a true opportunist by foreseeing it and utilizing it at the best time.

Now, the predictor should also have the ability to be an excellent researcher. It is a prerequisite to become a vigilant opportunist. In order to be at the top of the game you need to find the best resources that can provide you excellent news, hot topics, latest technology especially the on-going internet buzz. Affinity to social media, news media, or fellow bloggers can help you in this task.

Internet is a space of reproduction same story, news and incident. The moment something big happens it starts becoming the latest buzz and people start laying content eggs. So, cautious predictor will quickly sense the buzz and its direction. Once he does the next moment he will start bearing fruits from that opportunity. It is a clever game of popular information which is played on first come first serve basis.

2. Vanity Stricken – I Love Myself!

Vanity Stricken Bloggers – I Love Myself

It might seem little odd to a lot of my reader, however; the truth of the matter is that being self-centered can act as double-edged sword.

In case you are wondering how it is possible to be self-centered and successful at same time then the following will help you. Blogging is a self-employment which means no deadline, no topic direction, no curb at freedom of expression and no gagging laws. So, it is a perfect place for you to be the big boss of your blog.

A self-centered and self-opinionated blogger will certainly pays more attention on filtering the information he wants to share by retaining the freedom of expression. This style of selecting information makes him unique for his readers. It is possible a lot of people don’t agree to you. It means your ability of self-regulation can harm you. However, the hind side reveals that the self-opinionated often attracts attention, even though people don’t really agree to whatever he writes or no one really follows or learns from him. Suddenly, infamous becomes famous and recognizable at conferences and meet-ups, and yet no one knows exactly what they like about him.

3. The Cheaters – Dishonesty is the Best Policy :

The Cheaters Bloggers – Dishonesty is the Best Policy

Here dishonesty does not mean to lie to your reader or cheat them with plagiarism. However, a restructuring can change the copyrights ownership. It may not be completely honest but it is dishonest either.

The above thesis sheds light to an important aspect of a successful blogger which is cunningly information manipulative. There are millions of salesmen do the same with us every day by selling old product with new label. There are big corporate companies selling raw and old technology with repacking. If everyone else can do that then why not you as a blogger give it a try?

In order to do this you need to be perfect in rephrasing and restructuring. It does not require a lot of your effort and time. However, it requires your complete attention and concentration. You need to play around with words and alter them carefully to pass off as your own work. In order to avoid getting caught red handed you should do the perfect make over.

4. Parasitic Personalities – Give it All to Me!

Parasitic Personalities – Give it All to Me

Don’t get any fancy ideas because of my words. They are just meant to allure you and I am sure they will work just fine. This ability of any bloggers can reap sweet fruit to him if he understands the essence of this technique. It does not require any skill, however; it requires passion to rob other bloggers off.

Generally, bloggers don’t take guest blogging seriously whereas it is one perfect way to use other person’s shoulder to move up. The primary function of working as a freelancer for other websites can earn you good benefits. Through consistent guest blogging you are proving as a parasite for that website while garnering back-links for your website. Clinching his readership and diverting it to your blog without giving the owner any idea. Despite the fact that you contribute to the community, though, it is just like a parasite.

Don’t get delusional of leeching off others forever; it is just a way to get fame in short span, so never turn your back from own blog.

5. Sensible Preachers – I know What I’m Talking About:

Sensible Preachers – I know What I’m Talking About

Your blog is your mouthpiece and people read it visualizing you. Therefore, if you are trying to communicate something to your readers then you need to be convincing. Hard work, determination and consistency are golden techniques. However, the zealous bloggers can come across as pushy and irrationally stubborn because he is so set in his beliefs that restrict him to consider other people’s ideas.

The content which based on own beliefs can become biased and impede discussion, becoming boring and stale. It is better to let the substance of commonality in your content while acting like a sensible preacher.

6. Quality Controllers – Will Always Give you the Best:

Quality Controllers – Will Always Give you the Best

It would give you an edge over your competitors when you think like a reader. Try to be analytical and critical about your content you produce. Ask questions about it and seek guidance. Do whatever it takes to stay away from bad quality content posting.

The Conclusion:

Advance thinking can make you a perfect opportunist which later provides rich and resourceful material for your audience. It will keep you ahead from your competitors. There is no need to shun people off if they try to press you with their opinions. You might get an idea or positive feedback from readers. Your difference with your readers may lead them to think for themselves and to make decisions based on the mutually discussed preferences.

Your knowledge should be wealth for all those who follow you and the style you adopt should take you at acme of sensibility by giving this wealth back in appropriate fashion. Let your reader enjoy from your hard work and consider their joy your payment because the rest is just materialistic.

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