Team Work: The Winning Factor in Your Design Career

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.  I term this as the most valuable and simple definition of team work. However, we need to dissect this quote and try to find out its practicality for the field of web design and development. Here the question arises that does individuality ruin the chance of success? The question does not need my readers to be a rocket scientist. It is crystal clear that working in team has its advantages far greater than disadvantages.

Business Team Work:

Business Team work

The efficacy of working in a team has been established and restating won’t bring any good to you. However, the good can be brought by discussing the various ways of coping up with the challenges posed by team work. Working in a team is entirely different experience whereas; freelancing does not ask you to have work ethics and high moral values.

In today’s post I would like to highlight various tactics which will allow you to be a productive member in team by understanding the environment, attitudes and behavioral adjustments. Though, before we nose dive into the complex roadmap of behavioral adjustments it would be advised to look out for collective warning signs from your team indicating some malfunctions.


  • Watch out changes in the attitude
  • Don’t ignore the voice of the tone
  • Pay heed to the dropping commitment level from team members
  • Lack of communication can be a potential sign
  • Sometimes individuals in the team are miscreants which should come under your radar

Now that you have got an idea about the signs you should better yourself prepare for the big avalanche. Following are the important techniques that allows you to track the changes and empower your to cope up with them.

Communication :


I am sure I don’t need to define the term as it stands the most important and foremost driving force of any team project. However, communication in team does not mean that you should always communicate, whereas; it further ask you to have a check on its effectiveness. So, it allows you to clean up your ideas, brush your thoughts and present them in a crystal clear way in the group meeting scheduled ahead.

The toughest task in the team meeting is presenting your ideas by not turning into a monologue. The moment you make the communication one way the effectiveness disappears giving room to boredom.


  • Guarantee regular communication
  • Respectful communication among team members
  • Communicate clear ideas
  • Avoid presenting random thoughts
  • Maintain dialogue in group meetings

Reliance :


On our way to paving path of team success next thing comes in our way is trust, reliance, confidence. Reliance is something that ensures the effective and productive atmosphere in the team that further leads us to success.

It is important in many ways and one of that is if each member of the team cannot be trusted by the others to live up to the expectations, then your project is bound to be stalled. The success of every team project is to maintain every team member on same page as far as building trust is concern. Rift between team member leads to ruin. The important thing to note is the element of secrecy. It is required sometimes to keep it, however; it should never be on the cost of communication. It means don’t stop communicating within the team just to keep the secrets. Try to build yourself in a way to be in team and protecting the word at the same time.


  • Foster mutually trusted team environment.
  • Let everyone know the expectation from them.
  • Protect the important concepts related to project

Mediation :


It may sounds strange, however; the importance of this aspect cannot be denied. The mediation can help you in many ways and the most important is to keep the team working together by giving up their issues. Importance of conflict management in team could be denied in past, whereas; today the story is completely different. Team comprises of people with different background having diverse experience and variation in their habits. A mediator can play his role to keep this diversified group together without raising a lot of conflicts and allowing them to finish the task with given deadlines.

It is not a failure of any human to have those buttons that let them turn off. However, the success is hidden for those human beings who have the ability to compromise even after being pushed harder. Some of us cannot really do it, and mediation can help you. The victim of social bullying can always depend on mediator and this is the best way to make a winning team.


  • Never ignore role of a mediator
  • Be aware of possible conflicts or personality clashes
  • Don’t turn your back on any issue
  • Let justice prevail

Ego :

Ego of Team Work

This is the tough one. It is known that letting ego go makes a man humble and this is what exactly required while working in a team. In a team your role is defined by your way of behaving with people and reacting to difficult situations. However, an egoistic person makes it difficult for him to be a successful part of a team.

The moment you decide to work in a team, you better start realizing your strengths and weakness. Working with a team will require you to let go of your strengths of maybe weakness in order to have the balance in the team. So, you better let your weaknesses go by yourself because when team asks to let it go, it would never be easy.

The beauty of the team is you have to give credit to everyone around you. One cannot work in a team and enjoy the sole ownership of good work. It means relieving yourself from self indulgence.


  • Understand the team environment and let your ego go before hand
  • Don’t let anyone teach you how to let self importance go
  • Giving up ego will not help you in project only but it will be your personal triumph

Combing All Concisely :

We started off by shedding some light on significance of working in a team and its benefits. It is highly rewarding, burden sharing and integrating. However, reward comes with responsibility and the team looks up to every individual to fulfill those requirements. The advantages of freelance working are still stand tall, however; the experience which is gained through team cannot be replaced by anything. It is rewarding collectively and personally. The fortunate people turn themselves into good human beings through working in dedicated teams. Though, one needs to keep in mind the problems that come along.

A strong team member will give up the idea of being a sole magician in the team and try everything to let his team win. It certainly doubles the pleasure when you have more people to share your happiness.

Try to use these tips in your day to day affairs and experience the change that might bring in your life. These are the ideas of those who rose through ashes with the support of their team. I hardly can name anyone who achieved something without the support of any other soul.

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1 thought on “Team Work: The Winning Factor in Your Design Career

  1. Dear A,
    Interesting Thoughts, It is amazing what a team can accomplish when it works together in a common cause with a focus and vision. The combined “will” of the members of the team focused on a goal or potential future achievement, are often unstoppable. Perhaps, that’s why we like professional sports so much, as you have two teams both focused on the same goal, but only one team can win. It is the ultimate psychological and philosophical struggle of man.
    Keep up the posts!

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