Underwater 3D Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will be making Underwater 3D Text Effect. We will be making water effect also in this tutorial. 3D text to use and some effect will be given on it. Some blending option, filters also to use in this tutorial, so it will be very useful for those who are in Web Design Training, Web design Learning, Graphic Design Training, Graphic Design Learning, 3D Web Design etc.

1. Lets start with a new file in Adobe Photoshop, having the following properties:

2. Create a new layer and fill with Gradient tool  by using #65727c and #d3d8dd (from left to right) colors as:

3. Create another layer and create selection with Polygonal Lasso tool  and Erase the top edge of the layer by using Eraser tool  and use Paint Bucket tool to fill the selection with #a8a8a8 color as:

4. Now after taking new layer paint the following areas with Black color by using Brush tool :

5. Now I’m going to use this Water Caustic image:

6. Paste this image on your file, erase the top area by Eraser tool and change the blending option of the layer from Normal to Screen from layer panel :

7. Now I’m going to use the following PNG image which is having Stunningmesh in 3D:

8. Now take new layer behind this text layer, pick Brush Tool with Dark gray color, make the following shadows:

9. Now I’m going to add some cracks on the surface, take new layer, pick Polygonal Lasso tool  and by using #a8a8a8 color, make the crack as shown below:

10. Goto Layer >> Layer Style >> Inner Shadow and give the following settings:

11. Now select the text layer and apply the following Layer Styles:

after hitting ok, you will get this result:

11. Create new layer above this text layer, pick Move Tool and hold Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail of previous Text layer, so it will bring marquee around the text, now pick Brush Tool and pick #adced9 color, paint the edges of the selection and then change the blending mode from Normal to Lighter Color from layer panel, you should have something like this:

12. New create another new layer, pick Brush tool and make the following white spots then change this layer mode from Normal to Screen and add the following Layer Style (with #066022 color):

So you will get something like this:

13. Now I’m going to put the following image to give Aquatic effect:

Change the mode from Normal to Overlay so you should have something like this:

14. Now click on “Create a new fill and adjustment layer” button  from Layer Panel and select Levels and give the following settings:

Now add Color Balance by using the following settings:

So you should have the following final Underwater 3D Text effect in Photoshop, hopefully it will be a valuable assets while you are in  Graphic Design learning or Graphic Design Training field, hope you have enjoyed this tutorial:

Mirza Furqan Adil

Furqan is having more than 8 years of experience in graphics design, 3d modeling and animation and over the past 8 years he is deeply involved in any form of art like website designs, Music, concept sketch, automobile concept design, character concept sketch, logo design, animations, Photo-real 3d product/architecture visualization.

51 thoughts on “Underwater 3D Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial”

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  2. you have to take into consideration that some of us are complete beginners with no TIME INVESTED in playing with photoshop while you claim this is an easy tut for yourself or those who spend their fri and sat night on the computer, i was stuck at step 2-3 because you simply didn’t explain it properly.
    Thank you for posting it tho i’m sure the experts will praise you for it.

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  17. Mobile Website Test

    Quite and involved process to achieve the underwater effect but a very nice result in the end. Thank you for the tutorial.

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  22. no offense, but your tutorial sucks bigtime… it’s like only half the steps are mentioned… I’m currently studying photoshop and even now still don’t get anything you’re trying to explain as it’s so badly explained…

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  28. After you made a Polygonal selection you say you used an Eraser. Used on what? There is nothing but an empty selection. There is nothing to erase. I understand that you mean to fill it with color first, but people who are new to Ps will not be able to follow that kind of instructions.

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  30. i wish you can explain this tutorial in more detail. I can’t understand some of the steps. im stuck at #3 T.T

    1. Infact as we don’t need straight selection, that is why we used Polygonal Lasso Tool to make some angled selection. After making the selection, pick Eraser tool and erase the top part of the selection, so we will be having top edge a little big blurred. So that is why we erased top edge by using Feathered Brush so that top part of the selection should be in Feather, hope this time you got it?

  31. Wow.. its looks really nice .. Thank you very much for such wonderful Tutorial . i love to try this one and see my name underwater ;)… As i want to also print my name in history like Titanic underwater :p

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