Why You Need Stock Footage? Reasons You Might Want to Start Using

Why you Need Stock Footage

Have you tried using Stock Footage in your videos yet? If not, you definitely need to consider this great option. Stock Photo is a short clip that has not been created with a specific purpose in mind and can be included seamlessly in any video production or film. You might be amazed at the results it gives. And it also saves considerable time and money.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to go to a location and shoot the footage yourself, especially when you need one of a kind content. In such cases, stock footage may be your best bet. You can get creative and use such footage in your commercials, short clips, corporate films or on any social media service you are active on in order to showcase your work. Here are some scenarios where stock footage can turn out to be very useful.

Impractical Shots:

Impractical Shots

Sometimes you need some shots that are critical to your project, but impossible to shoot on your own. For instance, getting quality shots of natural elements like fire or cloud chamber HD elements may be almost impossible, especially if you are working on a limited budget. In such cases, professional quality stock footage can help you achieve amazing results.

Budget Constraints:

Stock Footage

The best thing about stock footage is that it enables you to get desired results conveniently and at a much lower cost. Even if you are up to taking all the trouble of renting a good quality camera, going to the location, setting up lights etc, and investing time and effort in getting the perfect shot, your budget may not allow it. Stock footage on the other hand is within reach for everyone. Anyone from a film maker to a student can get something within their budget.

Forgotten Shots:

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is that you return from a location only to realize that your cameraman didn’t get a particular shot. Going though all the trouble once again to get a single shot is usually neither feasible nor wise. An easy way out is to find convincing stock footage and edit it to match the rest of the footage.

Out of Reach Locations:

Stock Footage

Unable to go to China to get the right background for your Asian themed project? Use the right stock footage and mix it with your videos to give them an entirely new and authentic feel.

There are many other situations in which the use of stock footage is a smart move. As a professional designer, you just can’t do without this vital resource.

[Pictures used for this article purchased from Royalty Free Stock Photos site Fotolia.com]

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  1. Thanks for this article. Stock footage is everywhere – from tv programs to news, movies, and commercials. Finding a good clip could make your videos better.

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