10 Tips for Designers to Make Optimum Usage of Down Time

10 Tips for Designers to Make Optimum Usage of Down Time

Uncertainty and inconsistency are distinctive features of time as it has never remained the same eternally. This variations in time has its own advantages, at most it transforms our attitudes in a way to face unpredictable circumstances. As designers are the part of this consistently changing world so, they also have to face both wrath and joys that time offer. Lets check out some Tips for Designers.

In designer’s fraternity, freelancers are the ones who suffer the most with this fate variation. They rejoice the time with abundance of clientele and mourn at zero income. However, I am not going to outcry the things you can do to avoid the down time because it is inevitable and those who say their advices can preempt it, they simply lie. I like to talk about those pending tasks which were waiting for your free time and now that when a freelancer is running out of client should focus on those important pending tasks.

The following post presents the numerous ideas that can keep you busy in your down time and you can make the best use of the free time. So, if there are no clients then don’t get depressed and focus on any of the followings in order to keep progressing in right direction.

Sale Something On Your Own – Be Creative:

Sale Something On Your Own – Be Creative

Nothing can replace a client or a task in hand, however; it is not in your control. So, do something on which you have complete control. You need to look around for the options that can keep providing you bread and butter. For instance you can seek your share in the increasing market of theme development for example, Mojo Themes etc. It is making money by selling templates created by you during your free time and it is possible.

Homegrown Product for Sale:

Homegrown Product for Sale

I am sure you never had the time to check the possibility of creating vector artwork and other graphics material during finishing client’s task. So, now you have it and use it by stockpiling the graphics, look out the venues and sale them on platforms like “iStockphoto”  and “Fotolia”. These websites allow you to sell vector artwork and other graphics.

Freebies in Free Time:

Freebies in Free Time

I like this option as it is completely doable, awesome with good revenue generation possibility. The numbers of website that like to promote freelancer’s freebies are growing consistently. They usually give you credit for doing so and also pay you. The popular freebies options that you could work on include textures, Photoshop brushes, vectors, icons, design elements, etc.



Does it sound difficult? Well, it should not because the time has finally given you the opportunity to work on your own blog or portfolio website. You need to think like and entrepreneur and develop your own blog in a way that can start giving you some income in return.

The first step is to start regular updates for reader, provide more interesting and useful content and if required then redesign the blog. It will make your time worth spending while setting up your own small scale earning possibility. Moreover, blogs can prove excellent sources for helping new clients find you and they can attract links to your site which in return can be helpful in fetching new clients in a different way.

Learn Yourself:

Learn Yourself

You have to admit that while doing the client’s work you did not have time to develop your own skills as per your desire. We as designers work like machine in our specific fields without updating our existing knowledge. So, when you have time it is better to read a book of your own taste that can help you in your personal development.

Track Down New Tutorials:

Track Down New Tutorials

Like I have mentioned above that you need to learn yourself and you can either do it by experiencing different tasks given by clients or in the time of no client you should seek the quality tutorials because they can help you to learn new skills or techniques. You have the liberty to choose in which direction you are best suited because Internet is filled with Photoshop tutorial, Illustrator tutorial, coding tutorial, or anything else.

Learning New Skill – Photography:

Learning New Skill - Photography

Human being is a tamed creature who learns every day whether it adds in his existing knowledge or it is something completely new. So, as a designer photography can be an ideal creative activity for designers. It is relevant to your field; it is fun and helpful in your design work. Sometimes client prefers if a designer have the ability to do the product photography himself. It can save his time, money and for you it is a new skill, and way forward in your own respective field.

Track Past Clients:

Tips for Designers - Track Past Clients

It is always a good idea to stay in touch with your client, however; it often happens that during your project days you don’t really get extra time. The free days will give you the time to go through your past clients, get in touch with them and see if they have any task you can get. It is good technique because it keeps your network intact and comes with financial gain.

Analyze the Analytics:

Tips for Designers - Analyze the Analytics

As mentioned before, in free time the best thing you can do is to establish yourself and maintain your never managed portfolio website or blog. It is the best source of revenue for you if it is not then it can be. Most of us don’t take the time to analyze where our visitors are coming from, how they are interacting with the site, and what can be done to make the site more effective and to me all these questions are worth answering if I have the time to do so.

Do Nothing but Relax:

Tips for Designers - Do Nothing but Relax

I think we have talked enough about doing this or that but what about doing nothing? You are a human being who needs time to wind down the pressure you have had for quite a long time, you can give time to your family or can take a vacation. As it is not obligatory to do everything that has to focus directly on work. Just consider the slow time as a gift from nature and rejoice.

To Conclude…

We have talked about different possible tips for designers you can choose to work during your down times. It is mandatory not to waste much of your time in thinking as being idle doesn’t serve you well, however; utilizing the time for something productive is what matters. The given ideas are just a direction for those who take down times as curse, whereas; you never know what is best for you until you act. So, use the time in best possible way and remember it is going to change again.

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