February 22, 2024
How to Attract More Guest Post Authors For Your Blog

To create an interesting blog is a pretty difficult job but to maintain it at a high level is incomparable more difficult. Sometimes a whole team stays behind a blog, but sometimes it could be a single man. The frequency of posting is a major factor in determining the number of bloggers who post for a blog. However, there are also others key “players” as: the quality and the length of the posts, the topics debated, the target public and so on, guest post authors should keep in mind.

A possible source of posts may come from bloggers who need recognition and in exchanging of a short personal bio they write an article or more. The person writing such a post is called guest author and his work – guest post. The mechanism is pretty simple: receive recognition by providing quality; in fact there is a business, which is advantageous as for both parts. The owner of the blog, in case of publishing a quality post, may receive a better traffic and the writer established his image of a good blogger. The disadvantages may be considered the following: the possible inconsistency of the posts, the various formats or the subjects treated, but also the multiple outbound links which may lower the rank of the blog in the positioning of the search engines. Personally, I consider the acceptance of the guest posts more positive than negative. Here, I provide some good ideas about how the administrator of the blog should manage his policy regarding guest post and how to attract more. (Obviously, in the case he wants to accept guest posts)

1. Offer Financial Reward :

Offer Financial Reward

To offer a financial incentive for a guest post is definitely very attractive and the bloggers will email a lot of interesting works. The big problem is about profitability – has the blog such a good traffic to allow offering money? The most important blogs of the web design blogosphere offer up to 100$ per quality post, so the reward is pretty motivational.

In a nutshell, offering financial compensation is very attractive; the number of guest posts is directly proportional to the amount of money received per article, but the profit of the blog is lowered considerably. But never forget, quality will never be cheap! Anyway, it depends on how many guest posts are accepted, if their number is decent and the quality is superior then the risk fully endured; else I see it as a bad affair.

2. Organize a Competition With Giveaways :

Organize a Competition With Giveaways

A competition always brings people in; so organizing such activities may represent another good source of guest posts. A substantial prize is a real lure for the bloggers, but once again, here, interview the economical aspect, is the prize motivational enough? The success of a competition depends very much on the modality of organization of it: you may publish ten or twenty posts if you offer ten or twenty prizes or a single post if you have a single reward. You organize it, so you establish the rules!

3. Have a Good Page Rank and Alexa Ranking :

Have a Good Page Rank and Alexa Ranking

Usually, a higher PR is associated with a good traffic and a good traffic is equivalent with a better recognition of the blogger. This logical enhancement shows us the reason of why it is more interesting to publish guest posts on higher PR blogs. The personal bio reserved to the author of any guest post may be utilized both for recognition, but also to improve the search engine position of a website. I believe that is not a big surprise for you but once again, in the case of SEO purposes, the websites/blogs with higher PR and Alexa ranking are preferred by the bloggers.

Alexa Ranking is another indicator, not the most precise one, but overall it reveals the importance of a website and any guest author would search for online presences with a decent ranking.

4. Provide a Clear Explanation of your Expectations to the Authors :

Provide a Clear Explanation of your Expectations to the Guest Post Authors

To be more explicit, the first two rules are supplementary, the third one is necessary but this is much more than compulsory. Any potential guest blogger must have a page, a post or whatever else to explain him, very clearly, detailed but briefly which the expectation of the owner/administrator regarding the structure, topic, length of the post are. It has multiple advantages the most important being:

–          The potential bloggers, wanting to provide you a guest post, have a model and know what you want from such a contribution;

–          They notice that you are serious, willing to accept their works;

–          A lot of time spent to reply to every question, about your policy about guest posts and of course if you accept guest posts, is saved.

5. Offer Replies to All Emails Received Related to your Policy about Guest Posts :

Offer Replies to All Emails Received Related to your Policy about Guest Posts

Blogging is a very time consuming activity and the time of the bloggers is really valuable; it may be considered a shamefully lack of respect not to respond to their emails which perhaps contain advantageous proposals. Definitely a “good” solution to avoid any proposal of guest post is to not offer an answer to the emails received. The entertainers of blogosphere are a very solid community and the world of mouth sometimes travels with more than the speed of light. Anyway, a respectable administrator of blog will respond to all decent emails, even if it takes some days to offer the reply.

6. Keep a Strong Contact with other Bloggers/Administrators :

Keep a Strong Contact with other Bloggers/Administrators

As I said, the blogosphere is very large but the bloggers are keeping strong contact with other people and all news are traveling fast from one to one. Let’s suppose that you really need an article about a field you aren’t connected to; a solution may be to email your friends, the more the better. While benefiting from good friendships, it possible to receive some aid from your friends, or they might ask another people to help you. The main idea is that having powerful friendships with other bloggers, many problems might be avoided or even getting a solution.

In the end, I strongly emphasize that paying attention to guest posts may be a good decision and these proposals appear only the respective one is mature and offer quality posts. It will be great to know your opinion about guest posts and why not, for the owners of blogs, how they handled these situations.

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