How to Develop a Rejection Proof Resume For Job Hunting

I can say this for more than half of the people in this world that they are not really happy with their current jobs. When we are about to enter professional world, we all have a dream job in our mind and a dream workplace where we would want to land up. We, human beings spend more than half of our day at work so it is very important for us to be happy about what we do. In order to live a complete and happy life, a lot of things are required and getting a desirable job is one of them. Job hunting is for sure a very difficult and daunting task. It can really put you off at times but you will have to work hard in order to be able to land to the perfect job you have always been looking for. The first step of job searching is to update your resume as resume plays the most important role in job hunting. Your CV is going to be the first impression of yours on your future employer and you would surely want to make a perfect first impression.

Now, if you have found the job that you have been looking for, you need to make sure that you have a resume which perfectly suits the need of the employer. The thing is that an employer will receive innumerable CV so if you want to get noticed, your resume should have something extra in it. In order to write a good CV, you need to read a few tips so that you do not end up making mistakes to regret for. Following are a few tips that you should keep in mind in order to write a resume that will help you in getting the job you want:

Personal Information :

Personal Information on Resume

I have often seen employers complaining about the fact that resumes are without contact information. Logically, why would you even apply for a job when you have left no ways to get contacted? Nothing is more annoying than to come across a good resume but no contact information.

Before applying for any job, you need to make sure that you resume contains all your contact information. When I say contact information it means your CV should have your email address, mailing address, residential number and your cell phone number. The information should be available in the header as that is the best place. At times, people do not mention contact information in resume because they have already written it in Cover letter. But, cover letter can get misplaced or anything can happen so make sure you include your contact information in resume.

Resume Hierarchy :

Resume Hierarchy

Once you are done with the contact information, your next step should be proper structuring of your resume. Determining the correct hierarchy of a resume is very important so you need to place the important information in the beginning and additional information later on.

Technically the experience should be the first thing on your resume after professional summary and contact information. If you are a fresh graduate, you obviously do not have any experience to mention so you can write down your education starting from the most recent one. If you are experienced then you need to provide professional experience first and then your education. Last but not the least; make the information readable by proper formatting. If employer thinks your resume looks way too congested, he won’t even read it if it requires a lot of effort.

Do Not Exaggerate :

Do Not Exaggerate

In order to impress employers, I have often seen candidates exaggerating the truths and writing things which are not really true. You need to be really honest in your resume and honesty is the best way to impress anyone. People who have been into recruiting industry for ages will find out that you are lying in a glimpse so why destroy an impression that you can actually make.

Never think that the employers are fool. Also, if you get a job by lies, you won’t be able to prove yourself at the work because you never had those skills in the first place. So always keep in mind that making a good resume is important but it should never be with lies and impersonating yourself as someone who you are not.

Emphasizing on Your Skills :

Emphasizing on Your Skills

As mentioned earlier, employer would be reading hundreds of resumes on daily basis so you need to make yourself prominent. For this purpose, you need to highlight your skills in your resume.  Also, employer is not interested in knowing how skillful you are, they are more interested in knowing how your skills will help their company in growing.

Therefore, before applying for a job, you should do a little bit of research on the company and then write down your skills in a way that shows the employer the benefits of hiring you. Give them reasons to hire you and give them in a way that it shows they need you too if you need this job.

Enumerating Your Accomplishments :

Enumerating Your Accomplishments

The best way to prove your worth is through numbers and figures that you have achieve in your previous job. If you have been a sales person, you would have achieved a certain amount of targets, so you can mention them in your resume. Also, try to be as accurate as possible. Employers would really appreciate if you can tell them your achievements via facts and figures. This will allow them to analyze your caliber.

You should also mention any extra achievements that you have made for instance, your awards, volunteer work or other extra achievements that you have been doing. The key point is to avoid getting too personal and extra achievements and awards should be in reference to professional career.

Avoid Using Artistic Skills :

Resumes look really nice when they are neat and simple. Nice formatting and a few columns or tables sounds good but do not over do the designing as it might look childish and not so good. Resume should be easily readable without too much of coloring and designing. Also, I would never recommend anyone to go for internet templates as employer would appreciate a resume which is more real.

Proofreading :

Proofreading of Resume

Double check your resume before your submit it. Any kind of spelling mistake or grammatical mistake can out off your potential employer. Plus, it might give an impression of you being really careless as you did not check your resume before submitting it. I always recommend people to send it to a friend before sending out to an employer. A fresh eye would definitely be able to point out mistakes that you have left unnoticed.

Importance of References :

Importance of References

Do not forget to include references in your resume. Your reference could be any for instance, your previous employer, ex-colleague or a professor. If impressed by your resume, your potential employer might want to give them a call to find out about you and their good words can increase your chances of hiring.

Final Thoughts :

Always remember that it is your resume that gets you an interview call so you should make a good effort to make your Resume more noticeable. By following the above mentioned tips, you can surely make a resume which will help you in standing out of the crowd.

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