Business Card: An Effective Way of Attracting Clients

Business Card: An Effective Way of Attracting Clients

Business card is an important part of one’s professional identity. We make business cards as a remembrance, a reference and for building new contacts. When you meet a person that you want him to remember you, you just don’t take out a paper, ask for a pen and jot down your credentials and hand it to him. The word ‘professional’ would lose its meaning in such a way. Instead, what we do is, we take out our business card and hand it over the person which will be the best way to keep you in his books.

If one is looking for business, giving out a business card is the best idea to bring you in attention to the potential clients or customers. But one must know that there are so many other people who are looking for just the thing you are looking for as well and they will also be giving their business cards to that person. In such a situation, the quality of the text written on the card distinguishes you from those other people.

So a business card should be such which stands out from the rest of the stack lying there with the potential client. So I have brought you today some ten ways in which you can make your business card impressive so that your targeted client may find yours impressive and in turn gets you some business.

1. Information on the Card:

Information on the Card

Before deciding what to write on the card, you have to keep one thing in mind that is, the other person don’t want to read a lot of information. Because that will be hard to digest and will put the reader off. The strategy is to say it all in the least possible words and to give an ample white space.

People try to jot down as many things as their printers possibly can and the size of the cards allow. However, this is a practice that will not be as attractive as you want it to be.

2. Your Photo on the Card:

Your Photo on the Card

Putting photos on a business card is not a general practice but is something which can be attractive if used. When people get a lot of business cards to consider and remember, the ones that will leave a mark on their minds are the ones which have a photo on them.

One important thing to keep in mind while using this technique is to use a recent photo as this will also count in credibility, as opposed to a photo Putting a photo on the business card is mostly seen in people dealing in real estate and has regarded as being en effective step in getting business.

3. Size of the Card:

Size of the Card

When we are keeping in view every minute detail to make a business card attractive, then the size of the card also matters. You don’t want your business card to be the size that won’t fit into with other collection of cards. So keep the business card of a standard size i.e. not too small neither too large.

4. Quality of the Card:

Quality of the Card

One might think to save the paper by having second thoughts about whether to give the card to the client or not. You must know that saving a few bucks here might make you miss out on a much bigger deal. Also, the quality of the paper should be such which is impressive to the touch.

5. Colors Used in the Card:

Colors Used in the Card

Unless you are in the business of designing, your business card should reflect your vivid and decent personality. Its only the designers who need to show creativity even throw their business cards by making use of the colors but for all others, a simple black and white would do the job.

6. Use of a Logo or Slogan:

Use of a Logo or Slogan

Having a slogan or logo on a business card makes an excellent impression. A slogan is like a definition of your business and expresses it in the best manner. A logo captures the attention of the reader as much as the photo. So it should be an impressive one because symbols have a certain power.

7. Contact Details:

Contact Details

Contact details means putting the telephone and fax number, email and business address on the card. This may sound elementary but a lot of people have been seen to omit this basic yet crucial information on the card.

8. Keeping the Information Updated:

Keeping the Information Updated

Whenever there is a change in any important details, it must also be updated on the business card right away by printing newer ones. Keeping the card current adds a lot to the credibility. Scribbling the correct details on the existing card with a pen puts the reader off.

9. Using Both Sides of the Card:

Using Both Sides of the Card

There is a general trend of writing information on only one side of the card. Why let go the space when it can be used as well! You can use the back side of the card for putting the mission statement of the business or other such information.

10. Using Different Cards for Different Services:

If you are working to offer different services, use different business cards for each one of them. It not only makes a bigger and better impression but also makes it easier for the client to refer to his selected service.

Final Thoughts:

To put it together, business card is like a major factor in bringing new business. The well written, well printed and a card having proper and all the essential information is more likely to get you a client than having contacts with a not-so-good business card. From having contact details on the card to the paper quality, every detail counts when you need to get business with only so much as a small card.

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  1. These are essential tips in creating business cards. I have seen a lot of business cards with a little out of this world designs and you can’t seem to find the relation of the design with the nature of the business. But these tips are useful most especially in designing.

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