Few Ways Freelancers Can Steering Clear of The Bad Clients

Few Ways Freelancers Can Steering Clear of The Bad Clients

The main purpose of designing a web and developing a blog is to build a community and to bind it with sharing information. This is achieved through sharing the tips and suggestions to make it easy for fellow web designers and bloggers too. Client is one of the most important things in a website or a blog. The client assigns, direct and checks the task. But clients can sometimes get a little too bossy and difficult to handle. In this case, the best way to deal with this situation is to ‘steer clear’ of such a client completely.

If there are things that will make your project a disaster, or the client situations are becoming too difficult to handle or if there are things which are just intolerable, the only answer to these is to avoid the bad client altogether. It is very rare that a client turns out to be as much difficult but a freelancer or a beginner should know about such a client and how to deal with him if such a client comes across at any stage of their career.

Designing a website or keeping up a blog requires a team effort and cooperation. If it is not given from any of the parties then the project cannot be accomplished successfully. So here are the things that can help you identify such ‘bad clients’ and ways to avoid them.

Differences between the Client and the Hired Party :

Differences between the Client and the Hired Party

The one most basic issue for such situations is that the mindset of the client and the designers doesn’t match. It is the money, ability or the time which are the three basic factors which can be a hindrance in the smooth working of the project.

If the client is incapable of financing or is not reliable, the designer would not take the project in his hands. Similarly, if the client thinks that the designer will be incapable of carrying out the required project, he won’t trust him.  Time is another issue. If the client is giving a very short deadline or the designer is taking too long even with a suitable time given, then the differences can arise.

Identifying a Bad Client :

Identifying a Bad Client

There are some traits of a client which make them fall in the category of a bad client. These are the traits which a beginner freelancer is warned of. If encountered such a client, a freelancer can suffer and steering clear from such a client can save him from the detriments. Some of such traits are mentioned below.

  • Clients Knowing Too Well :

Bad Clients Knowing Too Well

These are the types of clients who know a little too much about the work you are given and likes to boss around. Typically known as the know-it-alls, such a client seem to have a lot of knowledge about the work and the changes or the reviews the freelancer is given will come with explanations and reasons as to the correct working and also with suggestions.

While opinions, reviews and views of a client are important on every step of the project in order to accomplish it successfully, a little to much can be a hindrance in the smooth flow. It also depends on the freelancer that how much of involvement from the client he needs and what’s the limit that by crossing it, a client can become a ‘bad client.’

  • Client Detached from the Project :

If  on one hand there is a client who gets a little too bossy and gets involved in the project more than needed, there is a client who is detached from the project and does not show the required involvement. In most of the projects, client involvement is important and the project but can move only a little forward.

As a result of the detachment of the client from the project, not only the feedback and the reviews get delayed but also payments get delayed and the project drags on. One way to overcome this is to get all the contacts in black and white and also to ask for an advance payment so that the freelancer can be sure and can work with surety.

  • Clients with Little Knowledge of the Project :

Bad Clients with Little Knowledge of the Project

A part of the job of a freelancer is to educate the client about the project. This is a fulfilling aspect which makes a freelancer put his heart in the project. But if the client is taking a little too long in understanding, which in turn is leading to indecision and numerous revisions, then it is up to the freelancer to decide whether he wants to work with such a client or not.

  • Clients Who Are Choosy About their Work :

Clients Who Are Choosy About their Work

There is one more type of client who can make a freelancer having second thoughts and such a client is the one who is looking for some free work. Doing speck work and providing the client with some research or suggestions free of cost might take a little effort from the freelancer but can increase his chances of getting the main project from his competitor.

A client wanting spec work isn’t always the ‘bad guy’, a rip off or some client merely wanting some shopping but also someone who will get you work so freelancers should assess the type of spec and do it as a favor.

Final Thoughts :

There are no set rules to know for sure who bad clients are. We may come along with a number of them even if we take all precautions to avoid them. And if we do, it will be a good experience and something from which a lot can be learned. It is totally natural for both the client and the freelancer to make sure that the project is in good hands and is fruitful.

When it comes to finding a good client, it’s not only about the money but about the time and the effort the freelancer will invest in the project. Deciding who is an incompatible client mainly depends on the gut feeling rather than looking up the list of the traits of a bad client. If the time, money and effort coincides, then the project is OK to take up, otherwise you might want to wait for the next opportunity to come!

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