Whether your site’s topic is about travel, art, automotive, beauty, business, or diet (like mine), leveraging the social power of Facebook is indispensable. FB is the 2nd largest website in the world, the biggest social media site in the world and the site with the most interaction in every field. It currently boasts over 750 million users in the whole world and I think that is no small feat for any single site. When it comes to building and marketing a successful website the importance of effectively leveraging the power of FB should never be underestimated. I recently discovered how powerful FB can be for marketing and blogging by experimenting on my own weight loss site. I have since been learning a lot of ways to grow my following, and as a result, I have been able to significantly increase the Facebook following of my blog WeightLossTriumph.com where I feature Medifast and Nutrisystem meal replacement programs.

Run Constant Giveaways :

Run Constant Giveaways To Get More Facebook Following

The first step towards getting a lot of people to join and interact with you when trying to build a huge Facebook following is by running constant giveaways. People will go out of their way to take a particular action if there is an external motivating factor in it for them so you can get great results by running constant giveaways.

After recently taking a look at my Facebook page for my Nutrisystem and Medifast blog I noticed that I don’t have a lot of fans, and in the process of researching I saw how importance giveaways are. I ran few giveaways and have since then noticed a significant increase in the number of fans to my Facebook page.

Use Constant Clear Call to Actions :

Use Constant Clear Call to Actions

Another important thing you need to realize when trying to get a lot of people to follow you on Facebook is that not using clear call to actions can be counter intuitive. If you want people to follow you on Facebook then the best thing you can do is use clear words to tell them to do so.

For example if your main aim is to get a lot of Facebook fans don’t display a lot of social media icons and tell them to “follow us on social media“. Instead, only show them your Facebook fan page and tell them clearly to like you on Facebook. People are more likely to take action when they only have one action to take compared to when they are bombarded with actions.

One way I have managed to promote my site on Facebook is by asking people who want to contribute to the content of my blog (guest bloggers) to first follow my account, “like” or share my site’s content on Facebook. This is a win-win situation. They publish their article on my site, and I leverage their Facebook following. Within one month of using this technique, I have managed to increase the Facebook shares dramatically in certain pages on my site. Check this and this page to see.

Advertise Your Fan Page in as Many Places as You Can :

Advertise Your Fan Page in as Many Places as You Can

The final tip in this article is to be “advertising” your page on your blog constantly.

The more people come across your invitation to like you on Facebook the more likely they are going to do so. Is it in your blog posts, on your sidebar, on your home page or anywhere else? Making effective use of every opportunity to “invite” people to like you on Facebook will make a significant impact on how many people will eventually follow you on Facebook.

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  1. Great advice here, I follow all of these tips and more. I find using 7search for traffic as a good way to get fans quickly as well as focusing on niches where there is a hungry market.

  2. I have never been a huge fan of Facebook.. probably never will but the importance of it with marketing is huge i guess..

    I better get myself better acquainted with it.. lol

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