February 22, 2024
Three Awesome Apps That Can Make Each Step of Blogging Easier

Anyone entering the blogging business thinking they are going to make a quick and easy buck are going to be sorely disappointed. While blogging can be a wonderful hobby and can even make you a small profit over time, truly successful blogging takes a significant amount of time, talent, and knowledge. All too often, individuals enter the blogosphere thinking they can throw together an article every now and again and quickly rise to internet notoriety. Sadly for some, this just isn’t the case. Blogging can be a difficult and grueling task. Even bloggers who excel in one area of blogging cannot be completely successful unless they master all aspects of blogging. Truly profitable blogging requires attractive web design, quality writing, strong marketing, and effective organization. Prospering in each of these areas can be tricky without additional help. Use these web and mobile awesome apps to help you with each aspect essential to quality blogging.

Writing and Inspiration [WriteChain] :

Writing and Inspiration - Awesome Apps

WriteChain is a wonderful app for writers and bloggers. The developers of WriteChain maintain that writing is a skill that needs to be continuously practiced and perfected. By creating a writing space where you are encouraged to write each and every day, this app is perfect for building better more confident writers. WriteChain will store your word count for each writing session you do and will track your total word count overall. By keeping track of consecutive daily sessions, WriteChain quietly (but effectively) encourages writers to practice every day. Work to improve your “score” by reaching a higher word count than the day before. By putting the effort in to write something new each day, you will be better able to produce for your blog. Blogging takes daily effort. WriteChain can help make this effort less of a chore and more of a game.

Web Design [Palettes] :

Web Design Awesome Apps

Palettes is one of the awesome apps for newbie and experienced web designers. Many bloggers enter the BlogoSphere without any knowledge of web design. That’s one of the great things about blogging today. Bloggers can create successful blogs without having to really know anything about web design or web development. With the help of tools, templates, and programs, bloggers can create websites that look and function in a workable way. Palettes enables users to create beautiful and creative color palettes for their website. The awesome apps will put together color schemes and color patterns together for you that are appealing and unique. Users can snatch colors out of a photograph or website and then add more colors to that pattern using the various models that are available. In the blogging world, interesting web design can be the element that sets one blog apart from the next. However, it can also be one of the most difficult elements to get right.

Organization and Security [Dropbox] :

Organization and Security

Dropbox is an extremely useful tool for any individual to use. With up to two gigs of space free, you can store all of your files, music, videos, anything in the cloud. Dropbox acts as a virtual hard drive that you can access from any device with internet access. As a blogger it is essential that you keep a close handle on your various files. Using Dropbox, you can store those files easily and gain access to them at any time. For busy bloggers on-the-go, Dropbox can be a lifesaver. There is nothing more aggravating or devastating than losing your hard work because of a technical malfunction. By keeping things stored in your Dropbox, you can safely and securely save your files.

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