Do you know that the online gaming market is worth over $15 billion? Do you also know that over 20 million Xbox Live players have spent over 17 billion hours playing Xbox Live? According to recent stats, the average Xbox live gamer spends 7.3 hours a week on the game, and people spend a large percentage of their time playing games online. When it comes to playing online games, the internet speeds at which you take your action can be of significant impact.

It is important to realize that getting super fast broadband alone just doesn’t cut it; there are a lot more things that go into ensuring you get better gaming speeds to make your online gaming experience better. This article will be giving you a few tips on how to get better internet speeds for online gaming.

Get Better Broadband :

Get Better Broadband

While there are a lot more steps that goes into ensuring you enjoy a better online gaming experience the first thing you should do is to get a better broadband internet connection. While there have been a lot of great feedback and news on how great broadband internet is, it is important for you to know that not all broadband internet connection will work for online gaming. If you want a better online gaming experience then I will recommend that you don’t go for any internet service slower than 5mbps. By going for a 5mbps internet service I’m not talking about the advertised speed, I’m talking about the real speed. If you can get something faster than that, then good for you!

There are many options to consider if you want a broadband internet connection that fast. If you’re just planning to choose an internet service then going for ADSL broadband internet should do – you should note that not all 3G broadband service can provide such speeds, so I won’t recommend casino online 3G internet if you want a better online gaming experience.

Get a Better Computer :

Get a Better Computer for Great Internet Speeds

If you’ve been playing computer video games for any more than a day now then you will know how important having a faster computer is. The same thing applies to online gaming, and even though you won’t be installing any software application on your computer your computer speed will still have a great impact on the speed you get. If you’re very knowledgeable about computers then you might want to take a look at the site of the online game you are trying to play and build your own computer, otherwise, you might want to get a better computer based on the recommendations of your gaming buddies.

Know What is Going on in the Background :

Know what is going on in the Background

If you’re reading this there is every probability you already get faster broadband speeds and that you also have a solid computer but you are still getting poor gaming speeds. In most cases, there are a lot of applications secretly using your bandwidth than you know of. Try to turn off updates from miscellaneous programs like Skype, Java, Any Adobe software or any other program using background updates you can think of.

Disabling updates from a lot of programs can save you a whole lot of memory and bandwidth, and as a result lead to better internet speeds for you.

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  1. Always make your computer clean and run weekly scan to make sure that you are using all the bandwith in your computer and not sharing it with bot like software that hide in your system.

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